I'm glad I found you

This is a story about a girl whose parents died during the war in her country. When she flees to England, she mets Niall Horan (One Direction - not famous) and her life changes.


5. The battle of love

Harry's p.o.v.:

Jane sang so good yesterday. Maybe we should sing a song together. Wait a minute! I am a singer too, that might be the way to win her heart... So I texted her.

"You like to come to my house? Wanna show you something." "Yes sure, I"ll be there in a fiew minutes.

The doorbell rang, so I went downstairs to open the door. "Hello Jane, how are you?" I asked. "I'm fine thanks. And you?" "I'm great." I answered. I let her in my house. Today, she was wearing a green short, a yellow top and a pair of slippers. "Let's go to my room." I said. When we were in my room, she asked me something: "You wanted to show me something?" "Actually, I wanted to let you hear you something." She sat on my bed and I started to sing 'A Drop in the Ocean' by Ron Pope.

Jane's p.o.v.:

I was kinda surprised that Harry asked me to come, but I said yes. Niall brought me there and Harry let me in. He told me he wanted to let me hear something, so we went to his room. I sat on his bed and he started to sing for me. He sang 'A Drop in the Ocean' by Ron Pope. It was so beautiful. Not only his voice. How he stood there in his blue shorts and his white sleeve - less shirt...

When he was finished, he came closer to me.

His lips almost touched mine.

I stood up and left the room. "Jane!" I stopped. "What?" "I'm in love with you!" He said it. He actually said it! There is only one problem...

"Harry... I'm sorry. I like you, but only as a friend. I'm sorry." He nodded and looked down.

Poor Harry...

"It's okay. I understand. But... Can you please not tell anyone?" "I promise." I smiled to try to chear him up. We heard a car. "I think Niall is hear to pick me up." Okay, this is really awkward. Harry lead me outsiede and we said bye.

Niall's p.o.v.:

I started the car and turned on the radio. Jane was very quiet. I think something happened. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Nothing." I knew she was lying but if she doesn't want to tell me, then she doesn't have to. We drove home in complete silence. On the radio, they played 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen. When we were home, I proposed to watch a movie. "Yes, why not?" Jane likes fantasy movies, so we've watched The Hobbit after lunch. I was really hungry - as usual - so I took me some popcorn durting the movie. During the movie, we laughed and talked a bit; she clearly felt better.

I really like her, but I have no idea how to tell her. What if she refuses? Maybe one day, there will be a perfect moment...

Zayn's p.o.v.:

Two days passed by since she sang. It was only one day that I couldn't see her, but every second without her is a hell. But how can I tell her? Every relationship starts with a date, right? Luckily, I got her Phone number:

"Wanna go to the parc with me? It's fun there." "Yes, sounds great."

So I went to the parc. There were many trees and a huge lake with some bridges. After a fiew minutes, Jane arrived as well. We were allmost alone in the parc.

Jane's p.o.v.:

When I arrived in the parc, Zayn was allready waiting for me. He wore a black shorts and a red, sleeve - less shirt. "Hey Zayn, how are you?" I asked. 'I'm fine, thanks. How are you?" "Great!" I answered with a smile on my face. We went to the lake. People were swimming in it. We were standing on a bridge. "They told me you are a good singer?" I asked curious."Oh really? Well, it's no big deal..." "Oh c'mon! You must be great! Sing a song for me. Please?" I asked with puppy eyes.

He started to sing Use Somebody. People who passed by stopped and listened to him. Damn, he is good! We all applauded when he was finished. He clearly didn't realize that other people were listening to him. After a fiew minutes, people left. "Jane, there is something I need to tell you..." Yes?" "I'm in love with you."

Oh gosh. Not again! "I'm sorry Zayn. But I'm not. I like you, as a friend... I'm sorry." After that awkward moment - again - Niall picked me up.


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