Triplets Are Inlove With ME?!

Christina Johnson was just an average girl, she was a very responsible woman until she snuck out of her house with her bestfriend Lily for some party and then she met everyone's bestfriend, Mr. Derek Bieber,

They became close friends and have been studying together, another Bieber came, also known as the school hottie, Justin Bieber.

Christina and Justin aren't really into each other, but they thought wrong. They got together and everything is perfect until she got a call saying that Jason McCann has her loved one and he will let her loved one go for one condition, she will be her slave and be with him forever. You just realized that the most THREE gorgeous and perfect boys loves you.

Will you choose or walk out?



2. 1. "Don't give up on me..."


Jason's Point Of View


I'm in my room right now with my brother, Alex when suddenly dad called him. He went downstairs.

A few seconds later their voices are echoing in my room.


"W-what?! You're gonna do the plan?! I'm coming with you." Alex replied.


"No! We planned this a before we got Jason in this house. I want you to protect him, I want you there for him no matter what you understand?!" Dad barked.


I got a little worried, especially when dad said "We planned this before we got Jason in this house." Really? Me? Why is my name on his sentence. Piece of shit. I stood up and got downstairs and watched them talk.


"But what if we lose you? What about us?" Alex asked


"You're not gonna lose me okay? I'm fine and always will be." Dad cried.


"I really wish I could believe you dad..." Alex murmured.


"Where are you going dad?" I asked.


"Jason. Just-" my dad paused and hugged me tight. "Promise me something Jays..."


"Anything..." I replied.


"Don't give up on me..." Dad whispered in my ear.


What does he mean by that? I just nodded and gave hugged him back. When he pulled back, he hugged Alex and left like nothing happened.


"What's going on Alex?" I asked him.


"Go upstairs." He answered.




"I said go upstairs!" He barked.



Things are happening fast right now. No one even gave time to explain what is happening. I went upstairs and threw myself on my bed.

By the way, I'm Jason McCann. 16 years old. I'm not like those other teenagers, that goes to school, that has many friends. You know how horrible my life is? Spending my life inside our house for 16 years.



Christina's Point Of View


Hey there! I'm Christina Johnson. I'm a singer and I'm a model. My life is just very simple, it's very quiet. I have an older brother name Arve.

I'm just laying down on my bed, thinking of something to do before school starts.

I closed my eyes and I got a message from my best friend, Lily.


From Lily: 

Hey lets go to Joshua's party!


To Lily: 

We're not even invited, jerk.


From Lily:  

Well he invited me, and I'm sure he knows that I'm gonna invite you too.


To Lily: 

Fine, but if we get kicked out of that party you're in deep shit.


From Lily:  

Haha, okay.


To Lily: 

I'll be there in 10 minutes.



I went to my bathroom, stripped all of my clothes, opened the shower. It feels so warm. I can just stay here and think about things. I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around my body.

I wore my fitted pink t-shirt and my short shorts with my colorful converse. I put a little make up and lipgloss. I combed my hair and put everything I need in my purse. When I went downstairs, Arve was standing there looking at me.


"Where are you going?" He asked.


"Hell." I answered quickly and got out. My parents aren't home because they had a vacation at Miami. They will come back tomorrow, they won't notice a thing. ;)



I went to Joshua's place and I saw Lily standing there. She walked fast to me and smiled,


"You look hot!" She said.


"Nice joke, now, let's go." I pulled her inside the house.


"It's not a joke, I'm serious, very serious. Boys will drool over you." Lily replied.


"Okay! Lets just get to the party." I replied back.



As we went inside a bunch of boys were looking at us. No, they are not attractive. Not even a bit. Lily gave me a glass of beer. Ew. God knows what I'm doing. I don't really drink, it's just, ew, okay,

Lily laughed at me. "Come on Chris, just drink it. It's just for now."


"Fine..." I looked at my beer and started to drink it. 3 swallows after, I took a breath and I shook my head, disgusted.


Lily smiled at me.



30 minutes later



"I need to go out." I said.


"Where?" Lily asked.


"Just at the front yard." I replied. "I'll be back..." I walked out of the house and took a deep breath and drank my beer again.


"Hey there!" A voice called me.


I turned around and I saw this boy, just my age I think. He has brown hair, he was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of pants.


"Hey..." I replied. I took a sip of my beer again.


"Are you alone here?" He asked, smiling. I shook my head.


"You shouldn't drink that." He said.


"Why not?"


"Well, that drink is just full of chemicals like su-" he paused. Didn't continue it anymore.


I raised my right eyebrow "Well... See yah." and started to walk away.


Well that was weird. I don't want to talk to him anymore, he's so weird. I went at the backyard. I saw a treehouse. I'm sure somebody's not there. Their to busy living their life. I climbed up and I enjoyed myself time.


"Hey there!" Someone called me, a very familiar voice.


I tuned around. Yep, it's him again. I widen my eyes.


"Whe-how-what are you doing here?" I said.


He laughed.


"You're so cute." He replied.


"What a great answer." I rolled my eyes and started to walk away from him.


"No! Don't leave." He held my hand.


I looked at our hands, holding, our holding hands -,-.



"What do you want?" I asked.


"I just want someone to talk to..." He pouted.


"Don't you have any friends here?" I asked him.


"Only Joshua but he's too busy entertaining his guests..."



I feel bad for him. He's alone and he's... Cute. I sat down with him and I saw him, smiling very big.



"Why didn't you continue your sentence a while ago?" I asked him again.


"Well. Sometimes, I speak nerdy when I explain something, I know you can't understand so i just stopped." He paused. "I don't want to look stupid there."


I burst out of laughter.


He looked at me, laughing to himself. I landed my head on his shoulder. I don't really know why but I just did it.


He was looking at me, smiling. "I like your laugh." He put out his hand, "I'm Derek. Derek Bieber." He smiled.


"And I'm Christina Johnson." I smiled.


"Nice name."


"Thanks, yours too. It fits you." I replied, looking in his eyes. I took another sip of my beer and he stopped me.


"You shouldn't drink that." He said.



To be honest, I'm really curious about this kid. I mean, he cares what people are eating and other stuff, you know what I mean by that. He looks so proper and he's definitely everyone's bestfriend. He talks a lot and he's very nice.



"Why not?" I replied.


"It's not good for your body."


"I know." I looked away.

"Then why are you drinking it? Are you trying to make me laugh?" He smirked.


"N-no a-and for your information Derek Bieber, this is my first time drinking this. Why not give me a chance?"


He chuckled. "You're so cute." He squeezed my cheeks.


Are we really that close?


"One question Derek..." I mumbled.


"You act and talk like we're close friends, why is that?" I half-smiled.


"I don't know... I'm just like that. People say that to me too ya know." He winked.


"Oh, so where do you live?" I asked.


"Alejandro Princessa." He quickly said.


I widen my eyes. He lives so far away. I mean, seriously, we're in New York right know and he lives in Canada.


Derek looked at me, laughing again. "I know it's very far away and I came here just for the party."

"You're so dumb." I rolled my eyes. Derek laughed again. "No you're the dumb one. You believed it! Haha!"


I punched him on his shoulder hard. "I hate you."


"Sorry Christina, I'm just like this." He winked.



Even though he's a jerk at first, he was really funny and entertaining. I like him.












Hello my little lovelies! New story!

Comment if you think I should continue this. Love you all :)


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