One Direction Imagines!!!

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8. Tina and Louis

Dear Tina,

This is for you!

Little Directioner


    You slipped the letter into his locker, and ran away quickly. You prayed he will say yes. You love him. He is popular, rich, handsome, but that's not why you love him. It's about the way he treats you. The way he speaks. The way he acts. The way he writes. The way he does everything, drives you crazy.

Dear Louis,

    You are always on my mind, I can't stop thinking about you. The first thoughts when I wake, and the last thoughts before I go to sleep are of you. I am such a lucky girl to have found such a wonderful guy. I love you so much.

    Your smile is so charming and magical. Every time that I think of your smile it lights me up inside. Even when I am having a really bad day, seeing you smile makes me want to smile too and it makes me forget about the previous events of the day.

    Louis, you must be the most caring person on earth. You seem to have an unlimited amount of patience and kindness. Every time I make a mistake you are right there to support me. The time that you drove 300 miles just to take care of my sick mother when I was away is just one example of your big heart.

    I have had such a great time with you no matter what we are doing. As long as you are around, even doing the most mundane activity is fun. I hope that we'll see each other everyday, I want to spend as much time with you as possible. I really love you so much.

    You are popular, rich, handsome, but that's not why I love you. It's about the way you treat me. The way you speak. The way you act. The way you write. The way you do everything, drives me crazy.

Lots of Love, 


    The next day, you recieved a note in your locker.

Dear Tina,

    I have read your letter. I found out that we're actually thinking about the same thing. So... wanna be my girlfriend?

 Lot and Lots of Love


    Although the note was short, it has the strongest reason to let you keep it forever.


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