One Direction Imagines!!!

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5. Ashley and Louis

To Ashley,


Little Directioner


    "I am going to hit you with this snowball Tomlinson!"

    You're now chilling with your friend, Louis, in the snow. It's very cold outside, but it's also very beautiful indeed. Since Louis was born in winter, you both love this season very much.

    You love Louis, so much. But you just can't tell him what's your feeling as that might spoil your friendship. Plus, he was getting so close to your BFF, Eleanor, so you know it's impossible for you and him.

    "Can we stop for a while please? I'm freezing," Louis complained.

    "Fine. Let's go to my place for some hot choco," you suggested.

    In order to go back to your house, you must cross a busy traffic. You are always so careful when you are crossing it, but this time, you were too busy laughing and joking with Louis, so you missed a car that was rushing towards you.

    "Becareful!" Louis screamed. He grabbed your hand and pulled you back into the pedestrian, and hugged you tightly. Thank God that you both were still safe and sound.

    "Oh my gosh. Ashley that was close!" Louis exclaimed.

    You nodded. You felt very safe and comfortable in his hug. You both looked into each others' eyes. You both kissed each other.

    You were very happy, but confused. You struggled out of his arms, and asked him, "Don't you like Eleanor? Why did you kiss me?"

    "What? Wait, Ashley, let me make it clear. I DON'T like Eleanor. The one I like is YOU," he protested.

    "Then why do you and Eleanor were so close these days?" you asked.

    "Eleanor is your best friend. I want her to help me to make you be mine."


    "Please, Ashley, I have loved you since I first saw you. Please, would you be mine?" he asked you. You saw the hope and desperate in his eyes.

    "Actually, I love you too."

    "Really? You will be mine? I love you Ashley!" he raised you up with joy and kissed you passionately. You finally can be with someone you love.



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