Half A Heart

It is about me Joan. I'm dead. And now I'm happy more that I was alive. I love to be dead. But my story have to come out. Who there killed me, and who I loved. My daughter who never met me. And my sweetheart be loved boyfriend. Who killed me but how. And of cause my friends and family.
Read this story if you dare.

(This is my first story in english so hope you like it White Angel)


8. Chapter 7


It is Friday and I have to go down and get food, or else I don´t get anything. I looked at my mobile. The clock was 12:10 and I needed to talk to Annalisa too.

Can´t forget it. “Please forgive me.” Who the fuck was it? I walked down at the street. Some kids was running away from adult. Maybe their teacher.

“Run she is coming closer!!” One of them was yelling.

“No please come back!” The teacher yelled almost breathless. I laughed for my self. It was fun.


“Hey!” Some one yelled behind me. I looked back and there he was, or was it him. Was it Jack. No probably. I don´t know but what the fuck. He looked like him. The brown eyes, and black-blue hair.

“I´m sorry, but you look like some one I know, or had known.” He looked at me, but it was not like Jack looked at me in school. This look was friendly. It could not be him.

“My name is Eric, and yours is?” He smiled friendly and the smile was real, I think.

“My name is Joan.” He smiled again, and I smile too. He made me smile……..

“A special name, to a maybe special girl.” I laughed but I don´t know why or did I. This person makes me laugh.

“I´m special because is boring to be normal.” We laughed and he was funny, nice and hot too.

“Would it be weird if I asked you, if you what’d to go and get some food….. with me?”

“Yes it would but if you pay I will.” He smiled. O.M.G he have dimple it is so cute why didn´t I see that before…..

“Okay but I decide where we are going to eat.” I nodded. Why could I not say yes? Maybe because I would say “You are hot.” And that would be weird.

“Come Joan lets go.” And I followed him and we began to talk. Talked about weird stuff and sweet stuff. When we came over to the food place, and had found or places. Some girls there was sitting four tables began to talk.

“OMG he is hot.” One of them said.

“Yes he is, and look at that girl there is sitting with him. She is so ugly.” All of the girl around the table laughed. I just looked down on the table. A sound of a chair there goes back. I looked up. Eric walked over to the girl. The girls didn´t noticed him, they had a shock. I think some of the girls jumped 4 cm up over the chair.

“What did you say?” He say with a hard voice, just like Jack….

“I didn´t say anything.” A girl say, but I could hear in her voice that she was afraid.

“Yes you did! You said that the girl over there was ugly! And you can say it to me now! So say it! Say it to me!” It was like he yelled at them but he did not yell. I walked over to him.

“It is okay. Come n…”

“No it is not okay!” He looked at me, just like Jack did it. With hate in his eyes. He looked at the girls again. And now he yelled at them. I walked over to our place and took my jacket. I looked back. He didn´t even noticed that I had walked away. I walked out of the food shop. I took down to the supermarket shopped some food and hurried home. I´m home to my boring flat. To my boring life. 



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