Half A Heart

It is about me Joan. I'm dead. And now I'm happy more that I was alive. I love to be dead. But my story have to come out. Who there killed me, and who I loved. My daughter who never met me. And my sweetheart be loved boyfriend. Who killed me but how. And of cause my friends and family.
Read this story if you dare.

(This is my first story in english so hope you like it White Angel)


4. Chapter 3




She only hit my hand, but that was not what she wanted to hit. She wanted to hit my face. But I know that she wanted that. But now my hand hunts, but it is better that my cheek hunted.


“You are just a little bitch, who don't like me because I'm beautiful, and you are ugly.” Did she say that.

“Okay... I'm a bitch, but what are you so...... (I stopped) I know what you are, because you are a diva. Diva.” I could hear the new girl laughed.

“No I'm not. And stop laughing at me your... your bitch.” She walked down to her place where Bliss tried to say something to her. I think that she said that I just was jealous. But what should I be jealous over. I don't need anything at all.


Our teacher came in and there was someone going after him. “That must be the new boy.” Jer was moving his table closer to me. I couldn't see how he looked because his back was turned over to us.



Many of the girls in the class were trying to see how he looked, but it didn't help them.

Our teacher walked over to the blackboard and began to write something. I hear something. Some of the girls stopped talking, all even the new girl. I look over to Jeremy and he looks the other way. I looked over the whole class, and they all looked op to the blackboard or close.


And I look op to the blackboard. Our teacher was done righting, and it was a name “Jake Willson” there was standing.

I look at our teacher who was standing beside the new boy. And I think that his is Jake Willson.

There was not so much about him I liked. Black hair and I think that he have brown eyes. He have black jeans on and a t-shirt there stands “Black Angel is me”. And that is just weird.

“Okay....... We have at new boy there is starting in the class, as you can see. If you like you can say something about yourself.”


“Okay. My name is Jake and I come from Denmark.” All the girls liked followed his every move. It was weird because Jeremy even did it.

“Okay. We need some one to show Jake the school, and it is now so who want to.” All the girls took there hands op, but I didn't I want to learn something.

“Okay, I know who is going to show the school to Jack. Joan could you please show Jake the school.” What he just hates me.

“But I need to have the examination to get on the highest level.”

“Okay you can take it after school, with me.”

“Okay.” I walk over to the door. “You have to go by the library and get his books.” He said I looked back and he smiled just.

“Okay.” I just hate him. “Come……….. Jack.” 




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