Niall, the 'bad boy' at school, Trinity goes to his school, he was a 'nerd' the last time she saw him. When he is dared to get her to have sex with him and take away her virginity. But will a love connection begin, or will Julie find out about it all? find out in misunderstood. Written by me and Zaynhaspowers


2. Chapter 2.

I ran home, I knew that the school wasn't the only place that he would get to me at but home was safe. Wasn't it?
I unlocked the door of my small apartment, closing and locking it quickly behind me. A crash came from the kitchen and ran in to find my brother numbly picking up the pieces of the dish. 
"Hey buddy, let me do it, you go lie down." my brother was sick, cancer sick. He had been diagnosed three months ago and it was terminal.
I picked up the pieces of the broken plate, wondering how late my mother would be out. If she would come home at all...
The doorbell rings and Jack jumps.
"I'll answer it!" he yelled. I let him, knowing that if anything happened I would get to the door in time to stop it.
"Okay." I answered.
He ran to the door and threw it open.
"TRINITY!" he yelled, then began to cough uncontrollably. I ran to the door to see what was wrong.
And there stood Niall Horan. I took Jack's hand and whispered in his ear to go into his room and play.
He ran to his room, almost as scared by Niall's menacing figure as I am. I watched his frail body turn the corner and heard his door close. Then, reluctantly, I turned to my worst nightmare. 
And he just smirked.
"Hello Trin."

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