Healthy Competition

Trinity has been moved around all her life, but when she meets One Direction will she finally be able to settle? Will she fall in love or will there be some healthy competition? Harry Styles and Niall Horan fanfic.

written by me and crazymofosforever_
kik me at willllllow! And enjoy the drama!


1. Chapter 1.

Trinity's POV

I walked into my newest school, not really nervous, just taking in the new environment. Grade 12 was a big year, but I wasn't looking forward to the prom like every other girl in the grade, no, I was looking forward to getting out.
Most people say that high school is some of the best years of your life, but if you have been to 7 schools in 3 years, it tends to be more like the most tiring years of your life.
I walked to my assigned locker, number 1388, wondering how many times I could be late or even miss class due to my newness. A group of boys stood down the hall, being fawned over by girls as they tried to walk to their classes. I recognized them as One Direction, the band I had voted for on the X Factor 3 whole years ago.
I couldn't help but notice that they had all grown to be even hotter then before. 
Finally breaking through the crowd, they walked toward me, and I don't mean they just walked down the hall I stood in, they walked strait for me.
"Hello doll," Harry said smiling as he opened the locker beside mine.
"Good morning," I answered in a voice I hoped wasn't trembling to much. Harry turned to me and smiled,
"I believe we have something in common love," he said smirking, the boys behind him laughed as they opened their lockers beside Harry's, Niall was on the other side of me, and I had to resist the urge to shiver as his hand brushed my arm while he opened his lock.
"What do we have in common? Oh, you mean we are both girls? Yeah, that is really something." I smiled at him, letting him know I was joking as the rest of the boys burst out laughing.
"We are both from the UK... I can hear it in your adorable accent, that, and we both have brown hair." Harry didn't miss a beat.
"My hair is not brown, it just happens to resemble the color of dirt, if you take pride in that, I am surprised." I answered, playing along to his banter.
"Finally!" Niall shouted from behind me "someone who understands that brown is never attractive when you look in the mirror."
"Are you saying that I am not attractive??!!" I pretended to be highly offended as Louis winced.
"No, no I didn't mean that at all..." Niall blushed and looked at the floor.
"Don't you worry Mr. Horan, I am sure I can live with knowing you don't like my hair." I said, layering on the sarcasm.
"Okay..." he said smiling again "if your sure."
"I am, just as sure as I am that I need to get to class." I said, picking up my brown leather bag and slinging it over my shoulder as I walked in the direction of the school theatre, excited to see how my new drama class would be. 
"Hey you!" Harry yelled as I walked down the hall.
"Me?" I asked turning.
"Yeah you! What's your name?" he continued to yell in the nearly empty hall.
"Trinity!" I yelled back.
"Trinity, skip with us!" he yelled, a large smile on his cheeky face.
"No thank you, I have drama." I said, turning and walking away. I wasn't getting out of school if I failed my classes.
"So do I." Niall's voice came from closer to me then I had expected.
"Well then, we shall be off!" I yelled.

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