Truly, Madly, Deeply

When Niall Horan moves from his home town in Ireland, to a small town in Utah, he meets a girl. A girl named Gem.

"Gem is so sensitive and pure, but yet she's unforgiving, heartbroken, and very insecure. Still I'm quickly falling in love with her."

Gem is going through hard times after her boyfriend died, but she tries to push herself through.

"I felt comfortable with Niall, like he was my teddy bear when it was night and it was dark and I thought monsters were hiding in my closet or under my bed."

Niall wants to love her and have her. He loves her, but he thinks that Gem wants the opposite.

"Gem", I quietly said. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.
"Welcome to England".

What will happen when in a country filled with excitement, fears, and pure and utter love?


2. Chapter 1

~Chapter 1~ --Gem POV-- I woke up this morning and found a girl my age walking around my kitchen with underwear and one of Ben's shirts on. "Who the hell are you?", I asked the girl. "...A what? Who are you? Is my little boo cheating on me?" the girl said. I answered, "No I'm his daughter". I ignored the girl and poured myself a glass of orange juice. I went to my room and put on a green tee shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. I finished my juice then slipped on my Converse and said, "Well bye, and by the way Ben is going to call you trash then dumped you before tonight just sayin' and by the time I get home there'll be another woman in the house". The girl started to choke on words then I left. I drove to school. When I got to school I met my friends at the front door. We entered the school and headed to our first period class. We're all in different first period classes so I walked alone to my class. On the way to class, Jesse, the captain of the football team, walked up to me. "Hey you um wanna go on a date with me this weekend?", He asked. I ignored him. He followed me to class, since he's in the same first class as me. When we walked into class we got a little lecture about being late. Then we sat down in our seats. Jesse doesn't sit far from me. The whole period he kept staring at me. Like every five seconds I'd look up to see if he was staring. And every time I looked up he was staring at me. After first period I went over to Chelsea who was talking to Alice. "Hey Chels", I said. "Hey, what's up?", she asked. "Nothin' much, but you know Jesse, right?", I said. "Ya I know Jesse. People say that his parents tell him he can't date during football season, but by the end of football season he's already dated like 5 different girls. Plus through-out the rest of the year he dates like another 10 girls.", Chelsea answered. In my head I was all like Wow! that's sure impressive Jesse. How could you do that your such a jerk! "Well right before first period he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him. I ignored him though and I didn't answer him", I said. Chelsea said " He asked you? Why would he ask you? I just wouldn't imagine a guy like him asking you Gem". Then she mumbled something under her breath. I was starting to think that Chelsea wasn't so great of a friend. She always acts jealous of me and I don't know why because her family is so much better than mine plus she has a lot more things than I will ever have in my whole life. Maybe I should just stop talking and hanging out with her. Chelsea knows I have a crush on Drae. I've had a crush on him ever since we've been friends. His hazel eyes make me want to melt away in his arms. But whenever she sees Drae and I talking she always interrupts us then starts flirting with him. Today I'm going to go visit him at the recreation center. "Bye Chelsea" I said. Then I left. I went to my second period class and once that was over Jesse found me while I was walking in the halls. He pulled away from all the madness in the halls and asked "What can I do to make you want me?". "I don't want you that's the thing Jesse. You just don't understand you think that every girl in the world would just kill to have you, but thats not how it is", I said. "Then how is it? How could you not want me?",Jesse asked. "I've heard things about you Jesse, and I don't like it",I said. Then I started to walk away, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned me up against the lockers. His breath was hot and it scared me. He was getting really close when one of his friends walk over to us. He let go of me real fast and started talking to his friend. Once I left he looked over at me and winked. I gagged. Through-out the day I ignored Jesse and Chelsea. At lunch I sat with Drae. "Hey Gem I was wondering if you wanted" Drae asked, but was stopped by Jesse walking over to us. "Hey babe", Jesse said. "Babe?! I'm not your babe, I'm not his babe" I said. Drae left then Jesse said down next to me. His hips were hitting mine. He reached his hand down and squeezed my thigh. I stood up and through my food away. I went into the locker room, but he followed me. "What is wrong with you?" I asked. "What? I know you want me just say it" He said. I backed up into the showers. He followed me. My head hit the back of the shower and I was pressed up to Jesse. He got close to me then started kissing me, everywhere. I wanted it to stop. Then I moved, and the water turned on. It was cold and I gasped. I hoped out real quick. "What we're just a little wet, but you better get use to it", Jesse said. I gagged and pulled myself away from him. I walked out of the locker room then went to last period. I sat down next to my lab partner, Drae. "O.k class today we will be learning about......", The teacher started then I zoned out. I was staring at Drae. He's eyes are beautiful, he's nose so perfectly bridged. His muscles not big, but not small and his smile I could stare at forever. He was perfect, just he took himself for granite. I love him. I want to be with him forever. Then the teacher asked, "Gem, what is the abbreviation for the element gold". I said "Isn't it Au". Then the teacher started to teach again. Drae tapped my shoulder. "Hey Gem, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me this weekend?" Drae whispered. "Sure, where and what time", I asked. "It's a secret where, but I'll pick up at 6 on Saturday. Is that o.k?", he said. "Fine see you then" I said. I was so happy he asked my that. Finally we can start a relationship in which we're not friends, but something more.
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