Healing a shattered heart

Renne Junillia was bullied, cyber bullied, beatin, threatened, and much more all her life. She had nobody, her parents hated her and abused her, they told her she was an accident. But then one day she meets a boy (Niall) who will change her life for the better or for the worse? Read this (Niall fan-fiction) today!


4. Comfortable?

Renne POV

        After i saw the house and i was on the patio talking Niall went to go cook dinner. wow a man that cooks! I shouldn't say that, it makes it look like i like him. well i do like him but we just like  each other as friends. I sit on the bed thinking to my self and then i hear a knock on my door. i then say, "come in." Niall walks in and says, "Dinner is ready." i smile and we reach the stairs but before we walk down them he says, "ill race you!" he starts running and i do to. We reach the dining room but of course he wins. we both laugh and sit down and start eating. it was really good! We both clean up from dinner and then he asks, "so what do you want to do now?" i think for a second and answer, "i don't know, do you have an idea?" he then says, "yeah! you can meet my best friends/ band members!" my eyes get wide and i say, "you're in a band?!" he smiles and says, "yeah, and sometimes ill play the guitar during our songs, we're real popular in Britain, not so much the U.S YET!!!" i smile and then i get serious and ask, "will your friends approve of me?" his eyes get wide and he says, "they have nothing  bad to say about you! you're perfect in every way, if your my friend, they're yours to!" i smile and say, "thanks Niall." he nods his head and calls his friends over. They all arrive and enter the house one by one. They all stand by the doorway and once they saw me the one with curly one asks Niall, "hey mate who is this beautiful lady?" my face is probably turning red but then Niall says," Harry don't say that stuff near her, she's been through a lot. oh and her name is Renne Junillia." Niall said that his name is Harry. Harry nods his head and then Niall looks at me and says, "Renne, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam." he points to each of them as he was saying their names. He then says to the boys, "go make your selfs at home in the living room i have to talk privately with Renne in the kitchen." we walk into the kitchen and he says, "just a heads up, Louis is the funny one i suppose, he can really embarrass people though so don't try to do it to him other wise he'll for sure get you back. Harry is well..... the flirt as you could probably tell earlier. He always tries to make move son girls without permission or sometimes he doesn't even know them! Zayn is the bad boy, he is like a dare devil always at places he shouldn't be, willing to do anything! Liam is probably the most calm and smart, so you would probably be better of more around him, but the rest of the boys aren't really bad guys either, get to know them and they're all great guys!" 

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