Healing a shattered heart

Renne Junillia was bullied, cyber bullied, beatin, threatened, and much more all her life. She had nobody, her parents hated her and abused her, they told her she was an accident. But then one day she meets a boy (Niall) who will change her life for the better or for the worse? Read this (Niall fan-fiction) today!


1. Alone

My name is Renne Nicole Junillia. Who even cares anymore really? I live in a small home with my abusive mom and dad. My " moms" name is Darla, my "dads" name is Drako. They told me I was an accident I was never meant to be on earth in the first place. I don't really care what they say, if I'm here right now I was obviously meant to be here. I don't go to school, my parents wouldn't pay or even let me go. I'm so lonely all the time, I don't have any friends. Right now I'm sitting on the ground in the small house I live in. I don't own anything at all, my parents use their money for drugs and beer so I don't have anything at all. As I think this i look out the window and see a bunch of kids all gathered around in a circle , huh? I wonder what's going on. Since Darla and Dokota aren't home I walk outside and ask a random girl, "what's going on?" She then responds , " there's a fight going on!" I push my way through the crowd and see a boy with black hair and blue eyes and a boy with blonde hair and brown eyes fighting. People keep yelling to different names, Jason and devin. The blonde haired boy fell to the ground and I heard a voice yell, " come one Devin get up!" So I'm guessing the blonde one is Devin and the brown haired one is Jason. Then Jason raises his foot and gets ready to kick Devin hard! But then a blonde boy with blue eyes runs out into the fight and stands in front of Devin so he won't get hurt. Then Jason yells , "Niall move, before I knock you out!" Niall doesn't move and Jason raises his fist to get ready to hit him. Oh no I have to help! I run out there and yell, " stop it right now!" I help up Devin and he runs into the crowd. I walk up to Jason and say, "you've got some nerve picking on people, what's wrong with you?! You need to go to a mental hospital!" He the. Raises his hand as spits out, "shut up or I'll hit you so hard you'll end up in the hospital!" I step one step closer and say, "I don't care. You leave them one!" He then gets ready to slap me and I close my eyes but no pain hits me. I slightly open them and Niall grabbed Jason's hand and pushed him away. Ugh some people need to grow up , Jason needs to end up getting punched!

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