Till' The End

Hailee quickly pulled Janessa down in the bushes of her front yard, both of them trying to keep their heavy breathing quiet. They watched as the police officer ran past them, then came walking back. The other officer came to get him in the police car and they drove away. "Best. Night. Ever." Janessa smiled wide, just as they both caught their breath. "I can't believe he didn't hear you panting like a dog." Hailee laughed. "Shut up!" Janessa laughed. "We should spray paint police cars more often." Hailee smiled. "Agreed." Janessa nodded.


2. Getting Tattoos

Hailee's POV


"Ugh, I'm so bored!" Janessa whined.


"What should we do?" I asked.


"I don't know. We've done just about every bad thing in the book." Janessa laughed.


"I know." I sighed, thinking of something to do.


"Ooh, I know!" Janessa sat up, as did I. We were sitting in the position which we have called 'Criss-Cross Applesauce' since preschool.


"What?" I asked, a smile growing on my face. She seemed real excited about this idea.


"We," She paused, "should get tattoos."


"That's perfect!" I smiled wide.


"Yay! But whose gonna take us? There's no way our parents would let us get tattoos."


"Maybe we could have someone pretend to be our parents." I smiled evilly.


"Like who?" She asked curiously.


"Zack and Gina!" I smiled wide. Zack was my older brother and Gina was his fiance. She nodded and I grabbed my phone, dialing in his number.


"Hailee? What's the matter it's 11:30pm?" Zack answered.


"Nothing, just wanted to know if you and Gina could to Nessa and I a favor." I smiled.


"What could we possibly do for you at 11:30 at night?" Zack asked.


"You could pretend to be our parents for about an hour or so." I said.


"For what?" He asked.


"Well, we wanted to get tattoos. And I know mom and dad would tell me no, the same with her parents." I explained.


"I guess." He sighed, "But! But, if they find out, it wasn't me."


"Yes, sir." I laughed.


"Be waiting outside for us." He told me. I nodded and we hung up.


"Weeell?" Janessa smile hopefully.


"Get dressed, we have to be waiting outside for them." I smiled. We got dressed in sweat pants and tank tops since it was a warm summer night. We put on our flip flops, grabbed our phone and wallets then quietly went downstairs and waited on the porch. Zack and Gina pulled up in their car and we got in.


"So what are you guys gonna get?" Zack asked.


"We're not sure yet." Janessa shrugged.


"You should get tramp stamps then we'll all match." Gina giggled.


"Tramp stamps for our little tramps. Sounds good." Zack laughed.


"Hey!" Janessa and I yelled.


"Just kidding, you're lovely young ladies." Zack corrected himself, smiling but keeping his eyes on the road.


"So tramp stamps?" I asked Janessa.


"Tramp stamps." Janessa smiled, nodding. We pulled up at the tattoo shop and the lady behind the front desk looked at us suspiciously. 


"Hi, I called about twenty minutes ago about tattoos." Gina smiled at the lady.


"You must be Gina." The lady smiled, "I'm Jen. Whose getting the tattoos?"


"My daughters. They want matching tramp stamps." Gina told them.


"How old are they?" Jen asked.


"16 and 17. But we give them permission." Zack told her.


"Alright, I just need identification that you two are over 18 and we'll get them all set." Jen said. Zack and Gina showed her their licenses. She nodded and led Janessa to the chair first. Then me. We got little butterflies, but Janessa's was purple and mine was blue.


"Now you both match with Gina, hers is pink." Zack laughed as we left.


"That's cool." We nodded, smiling wide. What a story this would be for everyone at school.



Hey, derr!

So, here you are! First chappy in the story!

Sorry it took so long :\ BUT NOW IT'S HERE!


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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