What happens when you mix city bad boys Zayn, Louis and harry with the hot nerds Liam and Niall.. But will it work out or will they just hate eachother even more


1. chapter 1

Natalie's POV

Hi my name is Natalie Carter and my dad just got transferred from his work in Brisbane, Australia to the Cheshire ,UK. Me and my best friend Beth starr live together. Her parents died when she was 14 years old so she has been living with me for 2 years. My mum died while giving birth so only my dad was here. Well he was always out working. We were starting a new school tommorow it was called Holmes chapel public school.

I peered my head out the window as the world blurred by. " where here girls" dad said getting out of the car. Me and Beth got out of the car. A kid next door was staring at me. He was wearing ripped black skinny jeans and a grey v neck with a ripped leather jacket. He jumped on his motorbike and sped down the drive way. A curly head boy walked out with a black haired boy with a mohawk. they all sped off. I started walk into the house when I heard someone yell " idiots" they yelled at the house next door. Out of that house two boys ran out one with blonde hair and brown roots and another one with chocolate brown hair. He looked over at me I quickly looked away and started to get a box. The two guys started walking towards me my body stiffened as I got out another box. They soon stood in front of me. "Hi you must be the new neighbours I'm Liam, Liam Payne and that's Niall" the chocolate brown haired boy said. " hi I'm Natalie carter" I said shaking his hand. I looked at the blonde boy he held out his hand. I gladly took it and shopkeepers it. " nat come check out in"she looked up to see Liam and Niall. She walked over to us " uhh guys this is Beth Starr my best friend" I said. She looked them up and down. " whatever" she said. " hi I'm Liam and this is Niall" they said holding out their hand. She looked at the hand and just sighed. " nat come check out inside" she said. Pulling me along. " hold on I will be in side in a minute" I said. " hey Liam" I asked curiously. " yer" he answered. "what was with the kids next door" I asked . " oh them they are the bad boys I wouldn't get involved" he said making himself clear. " wouldn't think of it" I said back winking. I walked inside to see a massive house. It hand white Marble flooring all out the house. A massive kitchen, and a giant flat screen tv in the lounge. I ran upstairs into my new room. It had Dark purple walls with shooting sliver stars. It had a window seat and a massive king size bed. A walk in wardrobe behind one door and ensuite behind the other. I unpacked all my stuff and chucked a few pillows in the window seat and laid down on my bed. I went to go see Beth's room which was down the hall. It was exactly the same as mine but her room was painted blue with yellow butterflies. She had finished unpacking too. we both had a view of the bad boys house. I heard a roaring engine come down the street their back. I mentally thought to myself. Beth went to go get some food so I went into my room and sat on my window seat and just stared out blankly. I figured out I was right across from the bad boy that had blue eyes and light brown hair. He had a bruise on his face which wasn't their before.this was gonna be fun. He took of his shirt revealing his damaged, bruised back. I slapped my self mentally to snap out of it. The guy looked through his window to see me sitting on the window seat going through a box. I turned to look through the window he winked. I blushed and turned away he smirked and went away. I got up to have a shower. I was the only one home since Beth went to get food and dad was called into work for a week. So I got out of the shower and I was just about to drop my towel when i saw the guy looking through my window I ran over and closed the curtains. Beth had finally got home with macca's so we started eating. I went into my room and reopened my curtains and sat down.

Beth's POV

I sat on the window seat to see a curly haired boy staring at me. I gave him the what- the- fuck - is - your - problem look. He smirked and kept looking at me. I shut my curtains and went to sleep. School shall be fun. I dozed off?

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