The Secret School

Aria Stone is a normal-

Okay, let me stop you right there, I am not by any means normal. I am anything but...

When Aria Stone receives a mysterious letter from an unnamed stranger, claiming to know her biggest secret, she becomes scared and confused. She never breathed a word to anyone about this secret. Not even her closest friends. And no one was supposed to ever find out.

This isn't you typical I-slept-with-my-best-friends-boyfriend kind of secret. This secret, if found out by the wrong people, could get me killed or kicked out of this very school.

You see, I don't attend a normal school for adolescents. I attend a school designed specifically for the supernatural. In other words, I attend a school that houses everyone that isn't human. From vampires to werewolves to wizards and fairies, everything that has a magical ability or something supernatural attends this school to learn about what they are and how to be the best at it. I, however, am a Warrior. A Warrior is a human, as


1. 01. The Letter

~~Aria Stone.

You know, I never thought that it'd be you that would pose a threat to me. I always thought it'd be someone with immense power and social abilities, but we all know that isn't you. How you pose a threat to me I have yet to find out, but I have a feeling that you are hiding something from me. And I intend to find out what it is and eliminate the threat. I hope there's no hard feelings, but you must die to prevent your threat to me.


As I read the letter that had mysteriously appeared on my nightstand sometime during the night, I couldn't help but wonder who exactly this person with the initials R.C.S. was and how exactly I was a threat to them. I mean it's not like I was incredibly powerful, or liked by my peers for that matter. It was my choice that I wasn't very powerful or liked. I needed to protect myself and having people think I was a weak little smart ass was the only way to do it. They underestimated me, and when the time came for me to have to fight for something, I wanted to have the upper hand. And it looks like that time will come sooner rather than later.

Sighing, I folded the letter and threw it into the fireplace in my room, thoroughly burning it so that no one will ever be able to find it. After I got rid of the letter, I glanced at the clock to see that I had thirty minutes to be at the doors to the school, and that wasn't a short distance to walk. With that being said, I quickly moved to my dresser that sat against the east wall of my bedroom, I pulled out some black jeans and a black short sleeved T-shirt and yanked them on hastily, lacing up my black combat boots as well as pulling on a leather jacket to block most of the winter chill from my skin, letting my long inky black hair fall down my back in waves.

Glancing back at he clock, I saw that I now had fifteen minutes to make a thirty minute trek from the dormitories all the way to the main hall. Looks like I was going to be late. Again.

Grabbing my black leather fingerless gloves, I put them on as I ran out the dormitory doors, starting off at a jog in order to speed up my arrival, the only sound audible the crunching of the snow under my boots. Once my gloves were on fully, I took off at a full sprint, trying to limit the minutes I was late to as little as possible.

When I could finally see the huge, wooden grand doors that led to the main hall, I pushed myself a little harder and burst through the doors, earning a few stares from the few people still in the main hall and a glare from Headmaster Hall.

"So nice of you to grace us with your presence, Miss Stone." Headmaster Hall said in a tone that ensured reprimands later.

"Of course! How else would you all survive the day? If I didn't show up you'd all be simply devastated." I replied in a sugary sweet tone, batting my eyelashes innocently.

"I'm sure." The Headmaster replied, her tone indicating anything but.

"So this must be Aria Stone." A tall man with dark slightly graying hair and dark eyes said, giving me a wide smile, as if he had known me forever.

"Ye-," The Headmaster began but I cut her off

"Yes sir I am. Might I ask how exactly you know my name? You aren't a creepy stalker are you?" I asked disdainfully.

"Aria!" The Headmaster scolded, horrified at my lack of manners while someone laughed heavily. Glancing around to find the source of the laughter, I saw that it was coming from a boy with dark, coffee brown hair and golden eyes. They were literally gold and I was shocked at the beauty and uniqueness of them.

"It's quite all right. This is the one you warned us would be snarky and rude right?" The man asked, his dark eyes glancing at Headmaster Hall who nodded and looked embarrassed at my behavior.

I smirked.

"Well, Aria, why don't you show our newest student around?" Headmaster Hall said, giving me a look that said I wouldn't be getting out of it.

"Who?" I asked as Headmaster Hall flushed scarlet as she realized she hadn't made proper introductions.

"Well, Miss Stone, this is Elijah Redburn. He's a good friend of mine and this is his son, Ashton Redburn. He will be joining your year and since you are late more than you're on time, I am appointing you his tutor on academics and training. No ifs, ands or buts." Headmaster Hall said sternly, giving no space for arguing.

"Well, looks like he'll fail." I snapped, causing her smirk to falter, but she soon recovered her composure.

"No, he won't. You can help each other and I expect you both to improve by the end of the year." Headmaster Hall said sternly, looking at me as if to say that I was going to teach him and myself to be a better Warrior whether I liked it or not.

I glared icy daggers at Headmaster Hall before turning on my heel and stalking off down the hall, Ashton following shortly thereafter, his long-legged pace catching him up to me, and matching his ace to mine, we walked down the hall towards the training room in silence, that is until I realized that his schedule could be different than mine.

"Ashton did Headmaster Hall give you a schedule?" I asked and he handed me a piece of paper that reminded me a lot of the letter I received this morning, and I was suddenly sucked into a dark void of nothing until a fuzzy image came into my sight and I finally realized what was happening. I was having a vision.

Before I got too wrapped up in it, I saw that Ashton's first class was Paranormal History with Mrs. Suggs and coincidentally we were right in front of the door to her classroom. I then told Ashton that that was his first class and, after shoving him inside, I took off down the hall, barely making it to my destination before the vision consumed me completely.


"Tell me!" The man screamed, the whip in his hand making a grotesque snapping sound as it came into contact with someone's skin, causing me to flinch as the girl screamed.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" The girl screamed desperately, but the man only got angrier.

"Don't lie to me," The man snarled, getting as close to the girls face as possible.

"I'm not." She whimpered, flinching away from the man as he tightened the ropes cutting into her wrists, torso and ankles.

"I'm only going to give you one more chance to answer my question. Where. Is The. Angel. Warrior?" He snarled, the words becoming more animalistic sounding than human.

The girl squared her shoulders and opened her mouth to answer him, when there was a bang sounding from somewhere behind me and the man swiftly turned towards where I was hiding and I caught a fleeting glimpse of dark-nearly black-eyes before everything went black.


"Aria!" Someone said sternly, concern tainting his words as I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, breathing hard from the force of the vision.

"Aria, are you all right?" The voice said again and focusing my vision, I saw dark colored eyes, and scrambling backwards, I hit my head on the wall behind me, knocking my vision blurry for a couple seconds before I got my bearings.

"Ye-yeah." I replied shakily, taking a few deep breaths before I composed myself and stood up.

"What was that Aria?" Headmaster Hall asked, concern lacing her tone.

"Nothing, I just hit my head." I said, waving it off and hastily walked away before they could ask any questions about my... incident.

Sighing, I thought about the dark eyes in the vision, as well as Elijah's dark eyes, thinking that the two were the same for a fleeting moment  before I realized that it couldn't have been Elijah. His eyes held only kindness, so I wrote off my suspicion and headed to my class, which was, coincidentally, Paranormal History with Mrs. Suggs, which meant I would have to deal with Ashton and his questions. Just peachy.


Hey fellow Movellians! So this is my new story! It's my first paranormal, fantasy story so I hope you enjoy it!

Some questions to answer:

1) What do you think of Aria? Like her? Hate her?

2) What do you think caused Aria to make people think she was weak and rude?

3) What are your thoughts on the vision? Who was the girl in the chair? Do you think Elijah is the dark eyed man in her vision?

P.S. You can answer these questions throughout the next few chapters! But please do share your thoughts in the comments if you have a theory!


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