It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


7. Chapter 7

The next day of training was practically the same as the rest. I beat a bunch of trainers and the Gamemakers clapped for me when I  showed off my skills

*Day of private session*

"Caden?" I heard my dad's voice outside my door.

"Come in." I replied. 

He came in and sat on the bed."Ok, today is your private session. Show them everything,Caden. Everything. You don't have a lot of time. Show them hand-on-hand,swords, that includes machetes and kukris,spears,knifes,mace,bows,axes,and anything else that they have."

"I will."

"I want a thirteen."

"It only goes up to twelve."

"No. Thirteen is the highest. They have given one thirteen in the history of the Games. Be the second."

"I will."

"Good.Get dressed. Breakfast is waiting. I have to go and socialize with the other mentors. Good luck."


When he leaves I get dressed and eat. When I get to the Training Center, all twenty-three tributes are there. I sit next to Veronica like I am supposed to.

"Granite. District One."An automated voice says. Granite walks into the room.

About thirty minutes later,"Sparkle. District One."

"Wish me luck,Caden." She waves to me before walking into the room.

Granite walks out and waits for  Sparkle.

When she comes out I hear," Caden. District Two."

I get up and walk into the door.

"Good luck,Caden!"Sparkle screams. I ignore her.

When I walk in the Gamemakers tap each other and all begin to watch me."Caden Hawks. District Two." I say.

I first throw a few spears. They applaud. Then it's swords. I use a variety of swords.Then,axes.I then go to wrestling. Next, bows. Then, knife throwing.After, I use a mace. After I make my way around the Gamemakers applaud.

"Thank you,Mr.Hawks." Plutarch, the head Gamemaker says.

"Anytime." I reply and put down my weapons. As I walk out, I pass Veronica."Remember, they don't like bitches." I say as I pass her. She ignores me.

When I return to the apartment, Olivia is waiting. Interviews are tonight.

"Hi! How did your session go?" She asks.

"Great,thanks." I smile. I've always liked Olivia. She was always nice to me.

"Well,interviews are tonight. So, your parents allowed me to give you a lesson. So, you will be going for determined and charming."

"That should be easy."

"Just be yourself. I think you'll do fine."


"Now,for your outfit."

"I do not want to look ridiculous."

"You won't.What's your favorite color?"


"Should of known.Would you like red with black accents or black with red accents?"

"Your choice. You are the talented one here."

"Good! Let's get started."

After a few hours, Olivia has finished my tux. It is a black one with red outlines."You are finished!"

"Thanks. Looks good."

"Alright, your parents are waiting." Olivia drags me out. Everyone is waiting on me,again.

"Olivia-" My dad starts.

"I know. I did it on purpose!" Olivia interrupts him.

"Alright. Did you go over for his aim?"
"Yes. Charming and determined."

"Good. Training cores are coming out now. Let's watch."

We all watch the screen. Sparkle got a seven and Granite got a nine. Veronica got a ten.

"Good job." Everyone congratulates her.

"Caden Hawks, thirteen. This is only the second time in history a thirteen has been given!" Cesar Flickerman exclaims.

My dad smiles and they all congratulate me. As we continue watching the scores, I see Aqua got an eleven. She definitely deserves it.

After the scores, we go down to where interviews will be held."Good luck guys. We will be in the audience." Olivia says to us before walking out.

"Caden,good job." My mom says before leaving.

"Line up in order. Ladies first." A guy says.We all do as we are told.

"Caden." I hear someone say while Sparkle is talking to Cesar.

"Yeah?" I turn around and see it's Aqua.


"Same to you. Eleven is great."

Before I know it, Cesar is announcing my name."Everyone,Caden from District Two!"

I walk out and shake Cesar's hand."Hello,Cesar."

"Well hello! Take a seat."

"Think I will." I sit down.

"You look awfully familiar."

"That could be because I look like Cato."

"That is it! Are you to related?"

"I'm his son."

"How amazing! So, you are how old?"


"And you got a thirteen! My, oh my."

"Yes, I reacted the same way when I saw that score."

"How do you plan on winning? You are very young."

"Well, I'll do what ever it has to take. I'm prepared."

"How great! Now you are also Clove's son,correct?"


"Do you also throw knives?"

"Why of course."

"Well, I look forward to you going in to the Games."

"Thank you."

"Everyone,Caden!" I stand up and Cesar grabs my hand. I throw my hands in the air. I walk off stage.

The Games start tomorrow. I decide I should probably go back to the apartment and rest.That is exactly what I do.

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