It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


6. Chapter 6

When I wake up, I realize I'm running late. Training starts at seven and its six-fifty five."Shit." I mumble to myself. I put on my training clothes and run into the kitchen.

"You're late." Harley says.

"No shit-" I try to say but am interrupted by Harley.

"Caden,you are fourteen! You do not use that kind of language."

"Fuck, I-"


"Let it go,Harley." My dad butts in.

"Cato, you are-"

"Stop it before I stab you." My mom pulls out a knife.

"What did I do?" My dad asks.

"You're talking.I was mainly talking to Harley."

"Clovely, you wouldn't stab me." Harley seems shocked. She'd stab anyone. Everyone knows that.

"I'd stab anyone."

"Bye, it's almost seven. I'm going to be late."

I got onto the elevator and pressed the TC button. When I got their, everyone was already training.

Sparkle sees me and runs over to me."Caden, you are late. You are so bad!"

"Uh,yeah?" I reply. 

"What do you want to do today?"

"I'm going to work with a bow first. Then I was thinking I'd use a kukri. Maybe a mace and machete as well."

"Wow, do you use everything?"


"That is so awesome!"

"Yeah. I'm going to go now."

"Can I come?"

"If you must."

I walk over to the bows and of course, Sparkle follows. I grab a bow. I decided to just shoot at targets that were not moving since I wasn't the best.I pick up a sheath full of arrows. I sling it over my back. I turn the targets on.I pull an arrow out and shoot at a target. I hit the chest and the target shatters.

"Could you teach me?" Sparkle asks.

"Just keep to," I paused. What was her weapon?"to whatever it is you are good at."

"Alright! Mind if I go to knives."

"Go ahead." As she walks away I mutter,"You need all the practice you can get."

I decide I can try the moving targets. I have to step into this room surrounded by glass. I do it. I turn on the system. There are "people" with weapons running all over the place. I surprisingly don't miss a target. I don't remember being so good. I'd guess I'd have to thank Lilly for that.

After that, I move to the swords. They have a variety of swords. I take the kukri and a machete.Three tributes are in line. I watch the girl from four fight a trainer. She is good. She is extremely small. She is probably under five feet tall. I get in line. 

Pretty soon she joins me."They need better trainers." She says while putting her hair light red hair,which almost into a pony tail.

"Got that right." I nod in agreement.



"What weapons do you use?"


"That's cool. I'm more of a sword girl."

"I like that."

"Every boy does."

"You got any allies yet?"

"Got a few offers. Not sure I'll accept."

"Well, you are welcome in the Career pack."

"I'm sure the others wouldn't agree with you."

"It isn't their choice."

"You are their leader or something."

"Veronica thinks she is, but I think it's obvious that I should be."

"Well,I think I'll accept your offer."


"I need a worthy opponent."

"Me and you both."

"Well, I'll see how good you are and that will determine if you can fight me."

"Alright." I turn away from her and look up the line. The girl from Nine is trying to fight the trainer."Could you hurry up." I roll my eyes.

"Go ahead." Three says."Since you think you are all that."

"Don't mind if I do." I go in front if her.

Then the boy from Six offers me to go to the front. I take it and the trainer asks the girl from Nine that she should go practice over there.

"Next." He says. He sees me and signals for a different trainer.

That trainer walks over.

I pull out the machete. I keep the kukri in my back pocket."Go ahead and start the time. I know the rules. I can hit you blah blah. You have a suit on. Let's start."

Aqua stands off to the side and gives me a look.I swing the machete. I was aiming for the chest,but missed. I hit his stomach.I twisted it upward.

"One kill."

The guy continues to fight with me. He blocks the machete with the stick. Pretty soon both our weapons are thrown to the floor. I've never had that happen before.I leave the kukri in my pocket. I'll just fight him.He goes to kick me in the face. I fall to the floor.I fall on my back. He grabs the stick and goes to hit me. I do a somersault and pull out my kukri and stab his chest.

"Two kills."

I grab the machete,since I prefer it over a kukri.The stick is swung over my head. I slide across the floor. I get on one knee and hit him in the back.

"Three kills."

The trainer kicks me in the chest and I fall. My kukri falls out.The machete is still in my hand.As I stand, I get an idea. I pick the trainer up and throw him into the ground. I bring the machete down.

"Four kills."

The trainer stands up. He violently swings the stick. It hits the machete out of my hands. Again? How is this even possible? Now I guess I'll get the stick. I grab the stick. We struggle for control over it.I kick him in the stomach and he releases the stick as he falls. I hit him with the stick multiply times. With one hand, I hold the stick against his throat,causing him to choke. With my free hand, I grab my machete. I stand and drop the machete on him.

"Five kills.Five minute warning."

When he stands, it's obvious he is tired. I simply swing the machete at his head.

"Six kills."

He swings the stick at me and I go on one knee. I reach behind me and grab the kukri. Once I find it I impale him.

"Seven kills."

"I think I'll go. Killed you enough." I toss my machete up and catch it. I walk away tossing both weapons up.

"You are extremely cocky." Aqua says to me."I see why."

"Hey, if you got the reason to, why not be like that?"

"Good point."

"Your choice. Where shall we go next?"

"Any where where Sparkle isn't."


"What good would nets do?"

"Traps. We can get nets, set traps, then they fall on those targets and we kill them."

"So, killing is involved?"

"Of course."

"Let's go."

Aqua and I spend the rest of the time there. When it's time for lunch, we get our food and sit down with the others Careers."Meet our new ally."

"I didn't agree on this." Veronica says.

"That is because I didn't ask you."

"As the leader-"

"No, me being the leader, I can do that."

"You are to young-"

"Yet I'm better than all three of you. Therefore, I am the leader."

"I think he should be the leader." Sparkle smiles at me.

"Shut up,Glitter!" Veronica hisses.

"Ladies, stop. I agree. He should be the leader." Granite says.

"Fine." Veronica says."What's your name? And what do you do?"

"Aqua. I use swords." Aqua gives her a fake smile.

"She's good. Really good. Better than you,Veronica." I say trying to hold back my laughter.She gives me a look.

After lunch I decide to use a mace. I went there and played around a bit. I decided to go back to throwing knives. No one was there so I spent the rest of the day there.

After training I went back to the apartment. I wasn't hungry so I just went straight to bed.

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