It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


5. Chapter 5

I willingly take the ax and smile."What are you smiling about?" Veronica hisses at me.

"Just the fact that I am about to show you up." I laugh and toss the ax up in the air and catch it."Watch and learn."

The trainer says," Ok, the goal here is to kill me. I have protective suiting on, so I won't get hurt. Go-"

I interrupt him by swinging the ax at his head. A voice says,"One kill."

As I continue to fight, I ask Veronica,"How many did you get in ten minutes?" Ten minutes was the time limit.

"Seven." She proudly says.

The trainer goes to hit my over the head with a stick and I duck. While on a knee I impale the ax into his stomach.

"Two kills."

The trainer kicks me in the chest. He tries to bring the stick down on me. I roll away and quickly regain my balance. As he turns around, I bring the ax down onto his head.

"Three kills."

Now, he tries to go harder. He is aware I'm more gifted than others. As he tries to bring the stick down on my head, I block it with my ax. I kick him the stomach. He falls back and the ax impales his chest.

"Four kills."

I throw the stick away and bring the ax down onto his head. He had a helmet on.

"Five kills."

I let him get the stick. He hits me across the face. I feel blood rush out of my nose.I wipe the blood away. My hand is covered with blood. The sight and smell of it just gets me mad. It will only help me.

"Did that hurt?" Veronica asks.

I swing the ax into his side. He is thrown up a bit and I take the opportunity to bring the ax down onto his head.

"Six kills."

"You wish,Veronica."

"Five minute warning." The voice says.

As the trainer prepares himself to hit me, I duck and slip underneath the stick. Without looking I swing the ax.

I must of hit his neck because it says," Seven kills."

"Pause time." The trainer says.

"Time paused." The voice responds.

"Let's see if you can take two people. Hey,come here." He calls over another trainer.

"I most certainly can." I say proudly.

The trainer comes and she grabs a stick. It can do some serious damage,but it won't kill you. Unless,they hit you in the temple."Care to clean up your nose first?" She asks.

"I'm good." I reply.

"Start time."

"Time started." The voice replies.

Without a delay, I kick the guy in the stomach which causes him to fall. The lady swings for me. She has more precise movements. I swing for her head and she dodges it.I elbow in her head and embed the ax into her back.

"Eight kills."

Now the guy. He kicks me and I fall. I bring the ax into his leg and he falls. The lady comes up to me. She is about to bring the stick down on my stomach. I impale the ax into her stomach. She falls and I bring it down on her neck.

"Nine kills."

I now go to finish off the guy. I bring the ax down on his chest.

"Ten kills."

They both regain their balance. I am now facing them. I remembered a technique my dad taught me.With my free hand, I run my thumb over my nose multiply times. They look at me weird and it gives me enough time to swing the ax into the neck of the guy. 

"Eleven kills. Three minute warning."

The lady pulls me to the ground and pushes the stick into my throat. She pins me so my hands are under her knees. I get one of my hands free and bring the ax into her back.

"Twelve kills."

I kick her away. The guy has gotten up. He violently swings at my head. I avoid every swing. I bring the ax into his side as I avoid another swing. As he stumbles I bring it down again.

"Thirteen kills."

The lady comes behind me and grabs me by the neck and throws me to the ground. I'm faster than her. She tries four times to bring the stick down on me. I roll away every time. I grab her by the legs and bring her down. The ax is brought down onto her chest.

"Fourteen kills. Thirty seconds."

The guy hits me in the neck with the stick. It causes me to fall. I kick him as he stands over me. He falls and I bring the ax down onto his neck.

"Fifteen kills.Times up."

The trainers get up and pull off their helmets."You. Who are you?" The lady asks me.

"Caden. Caden Hawks." I reply and walk off the mats.

"I knew he was a Hawk!"

"I'm also a Spring." I say walking away. I see I have drawn a crowd. Everyone comes up to me and asks for an alliance.

"You can't possible be both. Those families hate-" The guy says to me as I walk away.

"Cato and Clove." I turn around.

"I knew it. He looks just like Cato." I hear the lady say as I walk away.

The guy adds,"Have you seen him trow knives. He throws like Clove."

I spend the rest of the day at swords, easily killing off my "opponents". I think every tribute asks me for an alliance. I turn away all of them.

A few hours later Alta says,"Training is over. You may return to your apartments." I put down the sword. I begin to walk toward the elevator."Caden, come here for a second."

I stop and turn towards her."Yes?"

She approaches me."You. I'm very impressed.I didn't know Cato and Clove had two kids."

"I'm an only child."

"What? You aren't eighteen?"

"I'm fourteen."

"Oh, I thought you were eighteen. You have so many skills. District Two's got themselves a winner."


"Who taught you?"

"My parents. I just continued training. They said I was a natural."

"I know. Leo told me about you when you were three that you were a winner."


"He said I got a kid who can use any weapon. He has barely any training. Boy, was he right."

"Guess he was.Did you know my parents?"

"Everyone does. They are well known."

"I knew that. Just didn't know this well known."

"They taught you well. See you tomorrow."

I walk out of there. After I get off on our floor, my parents and Harley are waiting."So,how did it go?" Harley asks.

"Great." I reply.

"You little prick. You showed me up. No one shows me up." Veronica hisses at me.

"Well, I just did." I look at her."What are you going to do about it,bitch?"

"Caden, stop that!" Harley interrupts. "Tell your son to watch his language."

"What the fuck,Caden! You know better than to fucking cuss in front of Harley." My dad laughs.

"Ugh,Cato. You aren't helping." Harley walks away.

"Sit down, both of you." My mom says. We sit down at the dining table. A few Avox's bring us food."So, what weapons did you use?"

"I just stayed at axes." Veronica says while enjoying her food.

"Try something else tomorrow. Did you talk to One?"

"Yeah, Granite and Sparkle." I say.

"Do they look good?"

"Well, the boy uses a trident. Not sure if they'll be one in the arena, but he says he can also use a spear. The girl, she is incapable with knives and spears."

"Granite is hot. He is actual good. Sparkle, she is worthless." Veronica smiles.

My mom glances at her.She rolls her eyes."Well, they might be helpful. Just keep 'em. Any others?"

"Everyone wants an alliance with me. They all asked." I say.

"Really? What did you do?" My dad smiles. He is proud.

"Well, I finished the course the fastest, I threw spears the best,same with knives,swords I was the best,and axes, I beat two trainers. I got fifteen kills in ten minutes. "

"Did they have weapons?"

"Of course. They had these sticks. I got a bloody nose."

"Yeah,you got dried blood all over you."

"I'll clean it up later."

After dinner,Veronica goes off to her room. My mom and Harley go watch TV. My dad comes up to me and says,"Showed everyone up,right?"

"Of course." I replied with a smile."The trainers I killed and Alta were all really impressed. They asked who I was and Alta thought I was eighteen."


"Yeah. I'm that good."

"No, they didn't know who you were. That's bullshit."

"That's what I was thinking."

"What did you say?"

"I said Caden. Caden Hawks. And they were like I knew he was a Hawk."

"Should of added you were a Spring. That would of shocked him. Our families hate each other. Well,everyone but Clove and I."

"I did. That's exactly what I said. They just said I looked exactly like you. They also mentioned I threw knives like Mom."

"It's true, you do."

" I know."

"Go to bed.I knew I had a victor."

"You always did."

"I never doubted you."

I go to room and fall asleep almost instantly.

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