It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


16. Chapter 15(Dedicated to samiluvsboobear<3)

"Good job. Now it we want to catch the quickest train home, we leave in like ten." My mom said.

"Ten? Alright. I'll go get changed and I'll meet you there." I run and get some comfrontable clothes on. I race down to the train station where my parents are waiting.

"Sorry. I'm here." I sigh.

"It's fine. Let's go." My mom gets on.

"Why are we in such a rush?"

"I'm done with this place."

"Me too."

Once I get on, I don't even have dinner. I go straight to bed. I am really tired.

When I wake up, I am in my own bed. I don't remember getting home. I get up and see I'm in the same clothes from last night. I put on some of my own and walk down stairs. My family is never doing normal things. My mom is playing this game that she always does. She moves a knife between her fingers. She never stabs herself. My dad is watching TV,which isn't normal in District Two because everyone is at work or school by now. I turn and see Caylen sitting at the table.

"When did we get home? And what is she doing here?" I ask.

"Last night. You were the first one off the train. I'll take her to training later." My mom replies. She looks at me and the knife still doesn't graze a finger. My dad and I tried doing it once. I almost lost a finger.

"I don't remember a thing." I walk past Caylen and rub her hair.

"Hey!" She shouts at me.

"Didn't mean to mess up your perfect hair."

"I might just snip all your perfect hair off when you're asleep!"

"So scared." I looked at my mom." I'll take her to training. I want to see Lilly anyway. Plus, the little brat is making me teach her to use a kukri."

"Is it sad that she is only four and knows what that is?" My mom asks.

"Uh, well nothing out of the ordinary in this family, but other people might say so." I laugh."I really don't remember getting home last night."

"Cato, did you get him drunk?"

"Why do I always get blamed?" He asks trying to sound as innocent as possible.

"Because you do a lot of things." I say."I'm hungry. Do we have anything have way decent in this house."

"We have ice cream."

"That is like three years old."


"I'm not eating it."

"What do you mean I always do things?"

"That time you knocked over the vase."

"You blamed that on the dog!" My mom shouts.

"Caden, shut up!" My dad shouts back.

"What about that one time you told Mom that the dogs buried one of her knives in the backyard, but we broke it." I continue laughing. Caylen laughs along.

"You broke my knife!"

"No, you broke it." I laugh.

"Thanks,Caden. Thanks for selling me out." My dad gets up and walks into the kitchen."Here." He throws a carrot at me.

"What?" I ask shocked."It's a carrot."

"They are actual good. If you dip them in barbecue sauce."

"Ewww,Daddy." Caylen laughs from the table.

"That is disgusting,Cato." My mom gets up.

"Try it." He throws a carrot at her.

She catches it and throws it back. She throws it like a knife."No!"

"Caylen,come here."

"No!!" Caylen gets up and runs. Soon carrots are flying all over the place.

I am hit in the back of the head with the tip of a carrot. I turn around and see Caylen."How the hell did you do that?" I laughed.

"I never miss." She laughs.

"It's a carrot not a knife!"

"Same thing."

"Sing when did you even like carrots,Dad? No one eats them."

"I was in the Capitol and this guy said this person name Louis Tomlinson brought them to Panem. They aren't that bad." He responds. He picks Caylen up."Eat a piece."

She bits off a little bit."Ew! Mommy,help!"

I take a bit of mine."This are hella good!"

"I told you!"

My mom takes one bit."Ew. That is disgusting. She throws it across the room. We here a shattering sound."See, that is what happens when Harley decorates this house."


A/N- I never normally do author note's, but this chapter is dedicated to a very good friend of mine. You know her as samiluvsboobear<3. Yeah, she is like totally awesome. She writes One Direction fanfictions. She included a chapter in her story called Clove Style so I decided to add some Louis Tomlinson in this for here :) Thanks. Comment,like,favorite!!! <3-



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