It Runs In The Blood*Fight for Survival Epilogue*

Caden Hawks is a born victor. Born into a family with generations of brutal,ruthless victors, Caden is forced to train. Being Cato and Clove's son, he has high expectations to uphold. When he is thrown into the Games at the age of 14, will he become one of the Capitols youngest victors? Or will he die in the arena with his parents watching?


15. Chapter 14

I walk.Kind of in shock. I didn't really do anything wrong. As I walk away, I scratch my head. This doesn't make since.

"Caden,what did he have to say?" My mom asks me.

I stop and turn to her."I am so confused. Will someone please tell me what is going on?"

"I won't know until you tell me what Snow said."

"Well, people thought it was unfair that I was in the Games and some Districts stopped watching."

"Good for them."

"He threatened you guys."

"He always does. He can't lay a finger on you or me or Cato."

"He says he can."

"We all know he can, but he won't."

"What if he does?"

"Then, he does."

"He threatened Lilly and Caylen too."


"Hello,Clove." Snow walks by.


"I was just trying to be friendly."

"Yes, after you threatened my families life."

"I suggest you all stay in line if you want Caylen to make it to five."

"What about Caylen?" My dad walks over.

"Just warning you if you'd like her to live. And if you'd like Caden to live till he is fifteen, I suggest you show me and my country some respect."

"Who the he-"

"Keep your mouth shut. Caylen will go first." Snow walks away.

"I swear to god if he kills one of you-" My dad starts.

"He'll have a knife in his chest." My mom finish's his sentence."Let's go. Your interview is in a few minutes."

They take me to the stage,"Will you guys tell me the whole Mrs.Hawks thing? I know you aren't married."

"Well, everyone in the Capitol and outer districts think we are." My mom says. She is holding a knife.

"Sorry. Didn't know. Ok, Cesar is on. I'm going to be on in like one minute. What do I say?"
"Wing it."

"Everyone,Caden Hawks!" Cesar announces my name.

I walk out. I shake his hand."Hello,Cesar."

"When you ran to that Cornucopia after the gong went off, I saw a look in your eye! How determined were you?" Cesar sits down and points to a chair. I sit down.

"I was very determined."

"Very. What did your parents say to you before you went in?"

"They said they were proud of me even if I didn't win."

"Very touching. Was it sad?"

"Well, anytime you are saying goodbye to something or someone you love and they have to watch you kill people, uh yes. Obvious, isn't it."

"Yes very. Now, when Aqua died, were you sad?"

"Aqua was a great ally. I considered her a friend. I didn't know her very long,but so I wasn't devastated."

"Do you feel regret for killing anyone?"


"Oh. Now, you are fourteen and you killed eighteen people in just two days! Did you know this was a record?"

"Well, I thought it might be."

"Wow,just wow. Everyone thought you had what it took to win, did you?"

"Of course."

"Did your parents give you a pep talk?"

"Well, like I said before they just told me they were proud of me and they were sorry."
"Sorry for what?"

"That I had to be put through this. No kid should really have to go through this."

"Being fourteen, you are the youngest living victor. How does it make you feel?"

"Well, I'm obviously happy I won, I just would of liked to wait a few years."


"I'm fourteen. You aren't really suppose to kill eighteen people at fourteen,are you?"

"Thank you for being here,Caden. Congrats to you! Everyone,Caden Hawks, this years victor!"

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