Chasing dreams

" Niall, You have to chase your dreams! " i whispered looking down at the green grass,
He came closer to me, closing the distance we had between each other
He put his index under my chin lifting my head up,as our eyes met
" But darling my dream is you".... he whispered in my ear his hands on my hip
" Then chase me... " i whispered turning on my heels and walking away.


1. Girl next door


Alice's P.O.V

Its been 3 years... Since that day at the park, Why is he coming back? Am i still his dream? Or has he given up chasing me? He probably isn't and i shouldn't get my hopes up just cause he is coming back....

I sighed and popped out of my bed, running towards the window. 

I stopped and admired the beautiful scenery, the white snowflakes fell gracefully on the rough concrete. Making it look Cloudy and Puffy..

I turned on my heel and jogged to my bathroom, stripping down i jumped into my shower. I turned the knob to the left and a hot spring came rushing down,Leaving sweet burning sensations down my tanned skin.

I brushed my fingers threw my naturally wavy dark chocolate brown hair, and grabbed my shampoo, i squirted it in my hair, and rubbed and massaged it in. The sweet smell of cinnamon rushed threw my nostrils making me moan in delight...

- After the shower -

I wrapped my towel around my torso and tied my hair into a wet messy bun.. I walked over to my room and opened my closet, I quickly grabbed my Hello! crop top and slid a Huge black cotton sweater over it, i wiggled myself into some christmas decorated leggings and slipped on a pair of light brown UGGS.

I sprayed a bit of cinnamon body mist and walked over to my vanity.. I stared at myself observing my features, My dark chocolate brown hair, my grass green eyes, The freckles that are splattered all over my face and last but not least my Plump pink lips... The normal Girl next door....

Niall's P.O.V

" Cmon lads! I have a child hood crush to go meet! " i yelled hopping out of Harry's black range rover and running towards Alice's house " WERE COMING NOT EVERYONE CAN RUN AS FAST AS YOU NIALL! " Zayn yelled already out of breath.

 I chuckled to myself and jogged up to Alice's door step, as the memories flood in the eve of the day i left for the X-Factor that moment at the park... How could i ever forget...


" But Alice i can't leave you here! Im going to miss you to much, maybe i can wait for this dream.. " i whispered to her as i held her little hands in my huge hands.. Why were we still arguing about this!?

" Niall, you have to chase your dreams! " she whispered looking down at the green grass that matched her perfect eyes..

" But darlin' my dream is you.. " i whispered in her ear, closing the distance between us, i slid my hands down to her waist... her cheeks were burning bright red, so were mine... was this the moment? the moment I've been waiting for for the whole years I've met her? Was it the moment i could crash my lips into her plump beautiful pink lips?

" Then chase me.... " she whispered in my ear before turning on her heel and walking away... leaving me in the cold summer night...

* End of flashback *

I rang her doorbell as the rest of the boys came jogging up to me " COMING! " we could hear a sweet and soft voice yell.. Suddenly the door opened, showing her petite stature, her dark chocolate brown hair and those beautiful green grass eyes...

There she was standing right in front of me my Girl next door..... Alice

- Hi! this is my first movella so no hate please! and please don't advertise your movellas here not to be rude or anything... Hope you like it! - Ally :) -

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