Christmas Came Early

Poems about Christmas//winter .


3. Poem 3

As of now, we aren't as close. Sure, you bring us

closer, but then what? You only

come to us once a year and then it's back to

normal. I do know that I love him,

but he seems to only come around when you're

here. Why is that? Ah yes, the

'Seasons Greetings' is it? I love the both of you

very dearly! But why shouldn't this

last forever? When he holds my hand and when

we walk through Hyde Park,

I can only think of next year and doing this again.

The cold air; the London air.

Of course, I only get to experience it with him.

Why not last for a lifetime? Him & I can

love each other forever, not just because your

here. It feels as if, Christmas isn't so

'Merry' without him with me. But, I shall get used

to it. After all, he only comes around

when you are here. So, I search for you and your

family, possibly coming down from the

sky. The whole year 'round I wait and look to see

if that time of year has come. And then

maybe perhaps he'll ask me to be his. But until

then, I wait to see you fall down again

into my hands. Because that'll be the sign of my

love returning.

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