Christmas Came Early

Poems about Christmas//winter .


2. Poem 2

You & I pass the streets with the winter

snow coming down on us.

Do we love the winter? Or is it just that

we enjoy having each other's

company? Whatever it is, I know it keeps

us closer. And the closer we get,

the more I love the winter. You & I are

inseparable. As we continue to

pass the streets, your hand in mine, I know now

we are meant to be. You & I.

No one can take that from us. Not even the

pesky winter. A snowflake falls

on my nose, and you laugh a bit. It makes me

happy that this winter brings joy

to your face. You & I, we don't want to be like

them. The street lights turn on

in this cloud of a day and it warms us both. You

walk me to the front of my door.

I look at you and realise. I figured it out from

black and white. We can make it if we try,

You & I.

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