It's Her

Emma Caldner hates One Direction. Yes, Eleanor Calders half sister. The thing is Emma hasn't seen Eleanor in years because she has a tight schedule. Finally Emma's parents force her to go spend the summer with Eleanor. Big change! Emma ends up meeting Niall and Harry and she falls in love, so do they. What will Eleanor say? And who will Emma pick? Is she switherland?


31. chapter 18

I had gotten to Justin's neighborhood and he had texted me saying that he would be home in a little bit because he was at the studio. I knocked and no one answered so I walked right in.

"Hello?" and still no reply and I realized that I shouldn't be here so I changed into the clothes that Lauren gave me. Which was a flowered top and laced in the back with pink shorts that matched and I still had on my white converse. I shut the door behind me and put my dirty clothes in a bush till I got them later. I headed to the cemetery and that's when of course it rained and I had nothing to shield me but I kept walking and I stopped at her grave.

"Hi mom sorry I haven't visited you lately, I have been really busy but you will always have a place in my heart. Please don't take dad, I need him. I love and miss you. amen". I said and tears spilled out of my eyes and I couldn't stop and the rain blurred my vision. I sat down beside her grave and buried my head into my knees and I became cold. My phone rang and I ignored it and a few minutes later I heard footsteps. I looked and saw... Niall.

"Niall....leave me alone" I said coldly and instead he sat down beside me and attempted to put his arms around me but I shrugged them off.

"Look I..." but I cut him off.

"Save it Niall were through, ok? Go out with stupid Peyton" (no offense to you Peyton just in the book) "I don't need you and in a few days I am leaving anyways so just go away" I said and I peeked through my legs to see a hurt Niall trying to decide something.

"Just know I still love you and I am always here for you, not even Peyton can take that away" he said and kissed my hair and I heard a zipper and he put his sweatshirt around me.

"Take care, I love you" he whispered and walked away and that made me cry even more. I took out my phone and realized the missed call was from Justin. I called him back.

"Justinnn I need you" and twenty minutes later he carried me to his car and drove me to his house. He and Pattie let me stay. Justin gave me a heating pad and almost all his blankets in the house and hot coco even though it was summer. After he was done he layed next to me and wrapped his arms around me and we both fell asleep.

When I woke up I was still with Justin except he was awake and I stirred.

"Hey sleepy head" he said and moved closer to me.

"Hi"' I said and smiled and he kissed my head. I leaned up and kissed his lips and they were soft I have to admit. That's when Pattie (Justin's mom, if you didn't know) walked in.

"Oh sorry to interrupt but Emma sweetie I talked to your sister and she said that your father has woke up from his coma and wants to see you and she has your things to".

"Thank you" I said and got up from Justin's embrace and hugged Pattie.

"Your welcome dear and Justin you are going to go with Emma". and Justin smiled and nodded.

"May I shower?" I asked Justin and he nodded and pointed toward a door and I practically ran into the door because I felt so dirty. I washed up and washed my hair. After I got out someone knocked.

"ho is it?"

"Justin my mom has some fresh clothes for you" and I wrapped the towel around me and opened the door enough so he can give me them and then I shut it again, practically taking off his hand.
"Sorry!" I said and changed into a floral dress with sandals and a jean jacket. I twisted my wet hair into a braid and brushed my teeth with a spare one and was all done. When I came out Justin was changed into a purple short sleeve with shorts and a hat and white high tops.

"How do I look?' I smiled

"Amazing as usual" he said and flashed me a smile and I giggled.

"Thank you for everything Pattie" I said and kissed her cheek

"No problem dear, see you two in a little" and we sped off toward the hospital to see my daddyo. And yes I said daddyo.

We walked into the hospital and all the boys were there and stared at Justin and I. I ran toward my dad and pulled him into a hug. But he looked behind me to see Justin...

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