My Brother's Best Friend

Hi! I'm Brynn, sister of the One and only Harry Edward Styles. No means to brag. I'm best friends with all the lads. My brother is always helping me with everything. Wait. Did I say that I am also, actually, his twin? Well, I am. So... that's me! The me that you can see! Or hear... or talk to... or read... y'know what? Just read. I'm just blabbing on about random stuff, anyway.


3. Two

"Haz is going to kill me." Niall says.

"I won't let him." I reply, laying my head on his shoulder. We just stay there.

"Woah. What happened on the Ferris wheel?" Zayn asks, walking through the front door.

"None of your beeswax!" I say, sitting up.

"Harry is going to kill you." Zayn says to Niall.

"I'm just as old as Harry. I don't need protecting. And, anyway, if he kills Niall, how will there be a One Direction?"

"I don't know." Zayn says. "But Harry is about to walk through the door."

"No telling Harry just yet." I whisper to the two of them. They both nod, understanding.

"Hey sis! Zayn, Niall." Harry says.

"So, what are we going to do?" Zayn asks.

"Liam's about to come in. I gave him a ride. And Louis drove Zayn..." Harry starts.

"Louis is meeting Eleanor somewhere." Zayn confirms.

"Ah. Niall spent almost an hour driving. I'm not kidding. He drives slower than Louis." I say.

"I thought it wasn't possible..." Harry starts. I laugh, smiling.

"It is. Wait. You drove my car..." I say.

"Technically, it's OUR car." He says.

"You drove my car..."

"Okay. He drove your car." Liam says.

"When did you come in?" I ask.

"Like two minutes ago." He says.

"Oh. Well, anyway. I gotta go." I say. I take the keys from Harry, and start the car up.a ta. Red light, I text Niall.

"Meet me at the park!" It says.

"Okay." He replies. I smile. Parking my car, I walk to the swings, and take my seat. I start pumping my legs, getting higher and higher...

"Brynn!" I hear Niall look. "Not too high! Don't want you falling!" 

"You haven't seen anything." I mutter, jumping from midair. Niall looks scared, but I just smile. I land one one knee, my foot extended behind me. "Ta-da!"

"You. Scared. Me." He gasps. I stand up and kiss him on the cheek.

"There. Did that take away the scaredness?" I ask.

"Yes." He says, taking my hand. I sit on a swing, Niall taking the one next to me. We still have are hands linked. We boot off, swinging side by side. I smile, my brown curls flying behind me.

"So.  When do we tell Harry?" 

"After a couple of months."

"This sounds like the one song we sang."

"Which one?"

"They Don't Know About Us."

"It kind does." I smile.

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