My Brother's Best Friend

Hi! I'm Brynn, sister of the One and only Harry Edward Styles. No means to brag. I'm best friends with all the lads. My brother is always helping me with everything. Wait. Did I say that I am also, actually, his twin? Well, I am. So... that's me! The me that you can see! Or hear... or talk to... or read... y'know what? Just read. I'm just blabbing on about random stuff, anyway.


4. Three

"Niall, c'mon!" I yell, dragging him. I'm trying to get him to get up out of bed. "How much do you bloody weigh?"

"Will you make me something to eat?" He asks.

"Maybe." I say with a tug, pulling him off of the bed, and onto the floor, with a loud thud.

"What happened?" Liam comes into view, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh, nothing. But I'm just about to go make breakfast. Would you like some pancakes, Liam?" I ask, walking past him. He stays quiet. "I will take that as a yes. Will you ask the rest of the lads for me?" I yell.

"Yeah... Sure." Liam replies, utterly confused.

"Come now, Niall. I need an assistant." I say, dragging him along.

"That really hurt." He answers.

"Yes I know it did. You did that to me yesterday, remember? When you wanted me to make you something to eat."

"So it was revenge, then?"

"Yes. Sweet, sweet revenge." I dreamily say.

"Well then." He says.

"I've fallen in love with a complete idiot, haven't I?"

"Don't forget a imbecile." He says.

"Oh yes, that." I smile. "Hey, get me the eggs, will you?"

"Yeah. Okay." He says, walking to the fridge. I smile, and grab the pepper. Niall will have a surprise in his pancake. Liam walks in.

"Harry says, 'Don' wake me up.', Zayn says, 'Sure. Pancakes are fine.', and Louis says-"

"Louis says, 'I want a pancake.'" Louis appears next to Liam.

"Okay, Mr. Tomlinson. I'll get that pancake to you soon." I say, saluting him.

"Oh my god. You are too crazy." Harry says, walking into the room.

"Yeah. I know. " I say, starting to cook.

"Now, everybody out!" I say. Everyone starts to walk out, but I grab Niall's arm. "Not you, you dope." I say. "I need my assistant."

"Yay! I'm still your assistant!"

"Well, duh!" 

"Yeah. I spaced."


"So, what are you doing?"

"Putting a pancake on a plate. Take this to Louis." I say. About two minutes later, I hear Louis.

"BRYNN! Niall started eating my pancake!" 

"God, Niall!" I yell. "Eat that pancake, Niall. I'll get Louis another one."

As I walk over, plate in my hand, handing it to Louis.

"Thank you!" He says. With the two other plates, I walk over to Liam and Zayn.

"Thank You." Liam says.

"Yes. This is very good!" Zayn says, surprised.

"Why does my pancake taste like pepper...?" Louis starts.

"That was meant for Niall." I say,

"Why did you want to ruin my pancake?" Niall asks.

"I would have given you another one. I just wanted to see the look on your face." I say, trying to hide a smile.

"Well." He says. Then starts laughing. I stand there, wondering what to do, but end up laughing too. The other guys are looking at us like we're crazy, Harry giving me the 'are you completely mental?' look.

"I admit it. A may be just a tiny bit mental." I say.

"Are you sure it's just a tiny bit?" Zayn asks.

"I'd have to agree with Zayn on this one." Liam says.

"Fine. I'm a lot bit mental." I say, rolling my eyes.

"That can be agreed with." Liam says. And we're all laughing.


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