My Brother's Best Friend

Hi! I'm Brynn, sister of the One and only Harry Edward Styles. No means to brag. I'm best friends with all the lads. My brother is always helping me with everything. Wait. Did I say that I am also, actually, his twin? Well, I am. So... that's me! The me that you can see! Or hear... or talk to... or read... y'know what? Just read. I'm just blabbing on about random stuff, anyway.


5. Four

"Niall!" I yell. I've been trying to get him to hurry up for ages.

"Yes?" He asks.

"Come on!" I yell, dragging his arm. He follows, a bit reluctantly.

"So, is it your turn to kidnap me?"

"Yes it is." I say. 

"Well, I want to drive."

"You drive slower than Louis, though! I'm not kidding." I say. He obeys, getting into the passenger seat.

"Yay. I am driving." I tease.

"Yeah. Sure. Where are you taking me, anyway?"

"To the park. Again. I like the park."

"My love is completely mental. I am completely mental." 

"Yes. I am mental."

We arrive at the park. I smile, holding Niall's hand.

"So, Niall, do you love me more than food?" I ask. He looks at me, torn btween his two loves. The look on his face is priceless, but also prtty cute. "You don' have to answer that." I sigh.

"Good. No offense though. I love you all the same. But to put me on the spot wasn't fair..."

"Yes. Yes. I know. I'm cruel." I say. We both kind of laugh, smiling.

"So, anyway, I'm bored." He says. I sigh, taking his hand and leading him to my solitude place. In the park there is a place concealed by trees that noone can find. I call it my solitude place. I lead him in there, then stand up.

In my best voice, I sing.

"People say we shouldn't be together,

Too young to know about forever.

But I say they don't kniw what they talk-talk-talking about.

Caus this love,

Is only getting stronger,

So I don't wanna wait any longer.

I just wanna tell the world that your mine, boy." I'm singing, doing awesomely, pretty on-key if you ask me.

Niall smiles, then joins in on the chorus.

"They don't know ahout the things we do, 

They don't know about the 'I love you's.'

But I bet that if they only knew,

They would just be jealous of us.

They don't know about the up all nights,

They don't know I've waited all my life.

Just to find a love that feels this right,

Baby they don't know about us." We finish, holding hands and smiling. 

"You know, if Harry wouldn't find out, I would've announced to the public that we're dating. But I'm too young to die."

"And too handsome." I add. He smiles.

"Why thank you."

"Anything." I say, leaning on his shoulder.

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