My Brother's Best Friend

Hi! I'm Brynn, sister of the One and only Harry Edward Styles. No means to brag. I'm best friends with all the lads. My brother is always helping me with everything. Wait. Did I say that I am also, actually, his twin? Well, I am. So... that's me! The me that you can see! Or hear... or talk to... or read... y'know what? Just read. I'm just blabbing on about random stuff, anyway.


2. Brynn

       Name: Brynn Rose Styles

       Hair: Curly Brown, Long

       Eyes: Light Blue

       Physique: Tall, very skinny

       Personality: Funny, Impatient, Loud, Outgoing, Weird, Crazy, Nerdy

       Crush/boyfriend: Niall Horan

       Family: Ann Cox: Mother;  Des Styles: Father; Harry Styles: Twin Brother; Gemma: Sister

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