Who Are You

Two twin sisters move to the UK to live with their uncle after the parents die a tragic death. They think that this is their Second Chance. But not everything is as it seems.


3. The Funeral

Dear Diary,

                The funeral is today. Ive been dreading this day since I was born. I didnt want to go. I mean no one wants to go to their own parents funeral. Do they? Me and sis have been getting ready for people and their 'sorry's' and 'they were wonderful people'. To be honest I didnt want their sorrow, thats the last thing I needed. Well i got to go the car is here. Until next time.

                                           -January 1, 2014-

Dear Diary,

                             Well today is the day. Never have I ever felt so weak both body an mind. I was up all night thinking about this. I just really dont wanna have to to do this. Ive prepared myself for the tears. Hell i have a pack of tissues in my bag and I have on water proof make-up. I know people with give their condolences and say they are sorry for our loss. Ever since people found out we have been getting food baskets and money from friends of the family our neighbor even made us dinner one night so we didnt  have to. Well the car just pulled up. Gotta go. 

                                                                    -Yours Truly-



Chelsea and Harmony have just gotten finished with their attire for the funeral. Once they stepped into the car for the funeral the driver put on his blinkers as the other cars joined slowly behind them. they were on their way to the burial site. They decieded to skip the church service ordeal. They were never the church gowers so they never actually had a church to hold the funeral at. they just decided to go straight to where they would be saying goodbye for the last time. Harmony had cried ever since the news, but Chelsea had yet to shed a tear. 

Chels doesnt know why she hasnt cried yet. You would think that if you found out that your parents had died that you would cry. Right? I mean thats the normal thing to do. Yeah? 

As soon as the car pulled up to the cemetery it really sunk in for the twins that this was it. This would be the resting place of their parents. Everyone parked and piled out of their cars. 

The girls really didnt say anything to any one. They just got out of their car and took their seats next to the uncle they would be spending the est of their teenage years with in the UK. Yep, he flew all the way out here to attend the funeral then afterwards they would drive back to Harmony and Chelsea's home pack and lave the next day, as the bank was already ready to sell their house to someone else, who could pay for it. 

Everyone eventually took their seats and people started to say a few nice words about Lucinda and Micheal. First to step up was Officer Donald.

"Well I never really knew Lucinda. Only met her a few times when she would bring Micheal lunch when her forgot it. Witch he did frequently, so I guess ive seen her a few times. Micheal was a good man. Great police officer and an even better husband and father to his kids. Whenever he would come into work I would ask how's life? He would always say right back "Well got a beautiful wife, and twin girls that grow to much, so I guess you could say lifes good man, lifes good." I remember when I first started the job and he was training me. All in all he was a good man with an amazing wife. Micheal of your looking down on us now just know that imma miss you man."

After Officer Donald stepped down several others went after him: Aunts, Uncles, Co-Workers, Friends, Neighbors, and eventually Chelsea and Harmony. 

"Mom and Dad. Hehe. Always got along. Never have I ever seen them fight. Mom always used to tell me "Harmony baby Come in here I wanna teach you haw to make this" I would always moan and groan, I always hated when mom would make me learn to cook things, all she would do is cook and tell me what she is doing, i used to think it was borning. On occasion when she would hear me groan she would say "Baby you need to learn how to make this so when Im gone you and your sister wont starve" thats when Harmony started to cry "i never thought of that in litteral terms, I mean i knew they would be gone eventually but i didnt know so soon. To this day I still melt ice and burn toast. Dad was a different story he taught me how to play football and soccer and bass guitar. He used to say to me "Sweetheart I dont see why mom teaches you this cooking thing, they way you play soccer you will have people cooking for you. I didnt learn how to cook and look how i turned out." I guess just then being polar opposites made then fit like puzzle peices. In conclusion mom dad i love you and you will be missed." 

Harmony finished her speech, wiped her tears and sat back down, as Chelsea stood up and was ready to give her speech.

"I was a mommy's girl. Always have been, Always will be. To be honest, I dont think their gone they are still here, their watching me making sure I dont say anything stupid like i always do.  Mom always use to get onto me with my bold mouth as mom would say. I remember once she got so ma at me when we went shopping because this lady hit us with her cart and i yelled at her to watch where she was going. Mom scolded me when she walked away.  I never spent as much time with dad as i did mom. I guess because Harm was a daddy's girl what i was a mommy's girl. She taught me how to catch a sale, how to bargain with people she taught me how to cook since she knew Harmony was hopeless in the kitchen. Mom also taught me that when people die that they arent gone their just in a different form. Mom and Dad are still here their just in a different form they are no longer solid people they are spirits. Coming to a close mom and dad are still here their not gone but since I cant see them or hear them I just want you to listen when I say I love you and I miss you, see you later guys"

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