Who Are You

Two twin sisters move to the UK to live with their uncle after the parents die a tragic death. They think that this is their Second Chance. But not everything is as it seems.


2. Questions Unanswered

Dear Diary,

It happened yesturday, they were so young. They didn't deserve to go and especially not that way. If anything they should have gone in their sleep and when they are older. No one deserves to go that way, not even the person that did that. I mean really mom was 32, dad was 36. That is way to young to die. If it wasnt for that drunk driver. They would still be here. They had a family 2 kids, twins. Now we have to plan their funeral, us two teenage girls 16, years old planning their parents funeral. Where are we gonna go? We cant just live on our own and I'm sure we wont live on the street. God i wish I had answers.

                                                        - December 12, 2013 -

Dear Diary,

That was not suppose to happen. We were supposed to watch them grow old, not watch their lives end so soon. They were only in their thirties. Mom had just started a new job as a nurse. Dad had spent 8 years on the force. And now their gone because of some dumbass who just could wait to sober up before getting behind the wheel.  They were gonna see my performance next week. They had already bough front row tickets. It was gonna be my first time playing in my band for a live audience(as lead bass of course). Now what are we gonna do? I guess we could always live with grandma, but I dont know how the nursing home would like two 16 year olds running around there. This is gonna be hard.

                                                                                                                                                                            - Yours Truly.


Harmony and Chelsea had just finished writing in their diaries, just as they do every week. Never in a million years had they been expecting the call that their parents Lucinda Deen, and Michael James Thorpe would have been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver who also died.  This isnt fare. They thought.  What did we do to deserve this? Questions unanswered.

What would they do now?

Where would they go?


Me and Chels were just sitting in the living room in complete silence. We were in complete shock. Nothing was said after the phone call besides me telling Chelsea what they said. 

I dont even think we blinked when there was a knock at our door. Chelsea got up ans answered the door with a frown on her face. 

"Hello, my name is Officer Donald I was a friend of your father. May I come in?" someone said at the door. I heard Chelsea give a faint "sure" before letting Officer Donald in. 

"Umm first of all I am so sorry for your loss girls. But there are somethings we need to talk about. First of all do you know any living and healthy relatives that you two could stay with, I'm sure neither of you would like to be split up in a foster home at all." he asked.

"We have an uncle who lives in the UK. He was our fathers brother." I said. Officer Donald wrote that down in a little book he brought. 

"Do you have his contact information?"

"It's probably in the book." Chelsea spoke up.

"What book?" he asked.

"Our parents had a book of all of our family member contact information just in case anything like this ever happened. I'll go get it." I said. I walked into my parents old bedoom and went to my moms side of the bed and grabbed the book.  I walked back into the living room to see only Officer Donald.

"Umm where did Chelsea go?" I asked. He looked up from his little notepad.

"Someone called about the funeral so she said she went to your room to talk. Is thats the book?" he stated. I nodded my head and flipped it open to look for our uncle. I soon found it writin in my moms hand writing.

Uncle Joey- 267 Rosewood Drive London, England 98624

After a little while officer DOnald left and said he would get back to us with the arrangements of us going to live with our uncle. I walked up to Chelsea to see her just getting off the phone with the person about the funeral.

"What did they say?" I asked.

"Apparently our parents had already arranged their own funeral so they wouldn't have to put that burden on us, the funeral is tomorrow . " she said.

"Okay lets get some sleep so we can get up and go tomorrow." I suggested. She nodded and we both changed into our PJ's. 

    Who are you today?
Will you be the sun or the pouring rain?
Who are you tomorrow?
Will you make me smile or just bring me sorrow?
Who are you gonna be when im lost and I'm scared?
Who are you gonna be when there's nobody there?
Who are you today?
Cause I am still the same.
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