Being the daughter of a famous pop star is never easy. What would make it a thousand times harder is when your supposed "Dad" wont tell you anything about yourself. Who your mom is. Why everyone else in the world knows more about you then you thought you knew. Why your never aloud to go anywhere without someone. And most importantly……why your "Dad" keeps beating you……Join the young ten year Darcy Anne as she finally learns who she really is by taking a stand against the only family shes got. It'll be difficult. But if you badly wanted to know something would you give up? If you read this book of a little girls dramatic life keep this question in your mind……how do you know that you're actually you?


8. This is NOT right!!!!!!

"HE DID WHAT?!?!" Perrie screeched at me in horror.

"AND YOU SAID WHAT?!?!" Eleanor yelled in surprise.

"Damn girl you're good!" Jessy laughed with glee in her voice.

I had told them the instant I came home and let me tell you, Perrie and El were NOT happy at Harry and the boys for letting me go.

Jessy on the other hand…well Jessy was just Jessy about it. She thought I was awesome, fetching, smart, smooth and those were just some of the words she used.

"You're not going. I refuse to let you go. HAROLD!!!! ZAYN!!!! LOUIS!!!! NIALL!!!! LIAM!!!! GET YOUR ASSES BACK IN HERE THIS INSTANT!!!!" Gemma yelled at the boys once it finally kicked in that I would be going.

Harry and the boys glumly walked into the living area.

They had had it up to their ears with accusations about letting me go. Yes. You heard me right. ALL of them. Not just Harry. Oh no. It had somehow become all of their faults suddenly.

"Gemma, whats wrong with letting her have a little fun. I mean come on you treat her like a five year old!!" Harry stated rather truthfully.

"Darcy." Gemma said my name quite upsettingly.

"Yes, Gemma?" I replied in a calm and controlled voice.

"For your Birthday this year I'm going to attach yours and Conners balconies ok?" She suggested while glaring at Harry.

"OMG REALLY?!?!" I yelled super excited.

"Yup. As long as you don't misbehave. Ok?" She questioned still glaring at a angry tomato red Harry.

"Ya. Sure. No problem." I said grinning and going to sit on one of the couches next to Niall who lazily placed his arm around me and pulled me closer so that I was laying against his side.

"Ok. Hold the fuck up. She's not aloud to go to a DANCE with this guy but she's aloud to join their balconies together?!?!" Harry yelled getting angrier by the second.

"Thats correct Harold. Do you have a problem with my judgement?" She asked in a scarily calm voice while still glaring at him.

"Dee lets go to your room ok?" Zayn ordered/asked me.

"Ya…ok…" I said while watching Gemma and Harry practically tear each other to pieces with their eyes.

Niall picked me up and the boys and girls but Gemma and Harry followed us up to my massive bedroom.

"So what should we do?" Liam questioned as soon as we got to my room.

"I don't know" I stated lazily while jumping onto my bed and laying down to face my canopy.

"Hey do any of you know what actually happened to my mum?" I asked curiously to nobody in particular.

"If we did then we couldn't say. Your dad wouldn't let us tell you even if we wanted to." Zayn complained sadly.

"Greeeeat…" I grumbled angrily while Perrie twirled my curls absentmindedly making my get drowsy and tired.

I yawned suddenly with no thought being put into it and nobody said anything. It seemed as though what we had all witnessed in the living room had more to it then just two siblings fighting.

"Fine if you guys can't tell me about my mum how 'bout you tell me about Charlotte Jane Parker then. Ok?" I remarked sassily while sitting up and glaring at them all.

"WHAT?!?!" They all yelled at the same time and taking time to looked at each other to see who'd told me while Perrie got up and stood by Zayn.

"Oh don't worry. None of you told me. I just found out myself.







They all screeched loudly while taking steps away from me slowly as though I was a beast about to strike.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?!?!" Harry yelled as my glass doors were slammed open.

"She knows, Harry…" Louis whispered with a pale worried face, "She knows it all…"

"What?! She knows what?!" He yelled angry and frustrated.

"Who Charlotte is." I piped with no problem whatsoever.

Harry' face paled instantly as he stared at me.

"What? Did you think I'd just sit and wait twenty years for you to tell me? Hell no! You must not know me at all! DNA testings. Duh!" I shouted pissed off at everyone in this room.

About half a year ago I had realised that unlike everyone else I had never ever ever met my Mummy. So me being the type of kid I am I took matters into my own hands and figured things out for myself.

Harrys eyes got darker and darker as he slowly got angrier and angrier by the second.

"Young lady, you will NOT speak to me like that!!! DO YOU HEAR ME DARCY?!?!" Harry yelled at me while walking forward as his face turned tomato red with anger scaring my shitless.

I cringed backwards in fear that he would lash out and hit me.

"Please don't hurt me like you did to her. I promise I'll behave. Please don't hurt me daddy. Please…" I whimpered while fearful tears came pouring down my face.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" He screamed at the rest of them.

Niall looked at me guiltily before getting up and walking out slowly but surely. Soon to follow him was the rest of the gang but Zayn.

"Zayn. Get. Out." Harry seethed through his teeth pointing to my bedroom door.

"If you lay a finger on her, Harold I swear to God I'll beat the fucking crap out of you. You won't be able to walk eat or even drink for the rest of you petty little life." Zayn growled at Harry while getting up and walking towards him angrily.

"OUT!!!" Was Harrys only reply.

Zayn took one last look at me before glaring one last time at Harry and walking out of the room and shutting the doors.

Harry put his icy glare back on me and stared at me before dragging me out of my bed by my hair. I realised if I made any noise whatsoever then my punishment would be even worse then what was about to come. Although normal Harold was kind of scary, fucking enraged beast of a man Harold was fricken terrifying.

Harry dragged me out onto the balcony and locked the door.

"Do you think that kid ACTUALLY fucking loves you?! You must be pretty fucking stupid if you think he does!" Harry yelled at me as he pointed at Conners balcony.

Harry punched me in the stomach when I didn't answer making me let out a pained little screech.

"ANSWER ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!!!!" He screamed at me while he tugged on my hair making more tears fall down my face.

"Please daddy, please. Just stop. Stop hurting me please." I cried out of pure desperation.

"THATS NOT AN ANSWER!!!!" He yelled and slapped me hard across the face.

"Yes, daddy. I'm stupid enough to believe he loves me because I love him. Please stop hurting me, daddy please." I just barely chocked out between sobs.

Harry just looked at me before he laughed evilly and through me to the ground making my head hit the wooden balcony and kicked my stomach hard.

"Why are you so fucking stupid? Did I not raise you better? Did I not TEACH you better?" He seethed cruelly through his teeth as he opened to door and left me on the balcony bleeding from where he slapped my face, bruised from where he kicked and punched my stomach and crying cause of where he stabbed my heart.

My dad a twenty six year old man just beat me a eight year old fifty pound girl, his daughter, threw me on the ground and left me crying on the balcony.

All along I knew he was asking the wrong question. The question wasn't why I didn't love him. No. The question was why HE didn't love me.

"DARCY?!?!" I heard someone yell. It wasn't just someone though. It was my angel. My guardian angel who hadn't been there to save me.

"Dee?! Darce?! DARCY?!?!" I heard him scream as I heard someone land on my balcony and run over to me.

"Come on Darcy. Open your eyes for me. Let me see your pretty eyes. Come on baby girl. Stay with me beautiful. Please Darcy." I heard Conner sob as he brushed my curls from my face and kiss my forehead.

"Conner?" I mumbled as the darkness slowly started closing in.

"What? What is it beautiful?" He asked quickly before kissing my forehead again.

"He does care about me. He doesn't want me. Nobody wants me." I murmured as the darkness swallowed me up I heard foot steps advancing and people yelling my name as Conner hugged me close to his body and kissed my forehead yet again.

"I want you…I'll always want you…" he sobbed as I was surrounded in darkness.







That was what I heard as I woke up in a white room wearing a hospital gown.

I silently moved my head to look at the slouched figure holding my hand beside me.

"Let go of me…" I coughed as I weakly pulled my hand from his and tried to set it on my stomach where I thought he couldn't reach it.

"Hey, hey its okay. Its me. Its Zayn. Don't worry he wont touch you again. I promise." Zayn reassured me while grabbing my hand again and pulled it to his lips and kissed my fingers gently as tears fell onto my hand.

"Where's Conner…?" I whispered as loud as I could, letting my body relax knowing Zayn would keep me safe.

"He's outside in the waiting room. He stayed all night. Barely slept and begged to stay with you but I told him he needed to get a little bit of sleep at least. He's a true keeper." Zayn told me as he smiled at me and moved some curls from my face.

"Can you…can you get him for me…?" I whispered yet again as I tried to keep my eyes open.

Zayn smiled down at me before saying, "Ya, ya. Just stay here for me okay?"

"Okay." I barely got out. (A.N. Maybe okay will be our always💕💕)

Zayn got up letting go of my hand and went out the big wooden door before shutting it as quietly as he could.

I lay there in silence for the five longest minutes of my life before the door swung open, crashing against the wall loudly, hurting my head and revealing the one person I was hoping that I would NOT have to see for the rest of my life. Harry.

"No. Get out, please. You've already hurt me enough, daddy. Just please go. Please." I begged as tears threatened to spill down my cheeks.

"Darcy, please. I didn't mean to. I…I didn't WANT to. It was an accident. I swear on my life." He said with the guilt so evident on his face that I was about to forgive him when I remembered what he'd just done…and why I was here in the first place.

"No. I don't want an apology. I want you to get out. NOW!!!" I yelled as loud as I could.

Then, to my gratitude, Zayn and Conner came running through the open door and they both glared at Harry.

"Get out. Now." Zayn seethed with venom slipping into his voice as he took a threatening step toward Harry.

"No she has to-" Harry started before being cut off by an enraged Zayn.

"SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING FOR you OF ALL PEOPLE!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT BEFORE I CALL SECURITY!!!!" Zayn screamed at Harry with next to no restraint.

I have to admit I was VERY surprised at Zayns temper suddenly. I never thought that Zayn cared about me like this at all. I mean I knew he cared but not to this extent. He always seemed to be more interested with his phone rather then anything else. But now it was like someone had pressed his destruct button and set off the bomb. And nothing could stop him if you crossed the line.

Harry looked like he was about to argue when he realized that it was no use so he slumped out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Zayn and Conner shared a look before Zayn nodded and Conner ran over to me grabbing my hand and gently kissing my forehead.

I hissed in pain before grabbing my head and realising it was rapped in gauze.

"Careful. You got hurt pretty badly when…stuff…happened." Conner muttered tears slowly running down his face.

Zayn walked over and grabbed my other hand bringing it to his lips again while sitting in an uncomfortable hospital chair.

"The doctors aren't going to let you home for three weeks so that they can monitor your progress." Zayn informed me softly while leaning over to kiss my cheek.

"You'll be here the whole time though…right?" I asked them both worriedly.

"Yes of corse we will, Darce." Zayn confirmed for me and Conner nodded in assurance.

"Great…thanks you two…you're my life savers…" I mumbled again happily.

"Darcy Styles? I'm Doctor Skjaerlund. I've been helping you get better. Do you remember me?" A young, mid hight, Brown hair, chocolate eyed, male doctor came in and walked over to me.

"I think so……are you the guy who helped me when my arm broke?" I asked curiously as he came beside my bed.

"Yes. Thats great. Do you know who these guys are Darcy?" Doctor Skjaerlund replied to me questionably.

"Yes. Thats Zayn, my "uncle", and thats Conner, my……best friend/guardian angel?" I answered timidly while glancing quickly at Conner who had a small smile while kissing my small fist once.

"Yes thats all right……do you know how you got hurt?" Doctor Skjaerlund asked me slowly while staring straight at me.

"……ya I do……" I whispered sadly and Zayn climbed on my hospital bed picked up my tiny frame and held me close while kissing my forehead.

"Is there a point to this Doctor?" Zayn said coldly while glaring at my family Doctor.

"Zayn chill." I warned and he glanced down apologetically at me before listening to the Doctor again.

"Well there is a small chance that she could have lost a chunk of her memory. We'll have to do a few more verbal tests before we can be sure." The Doctor said before the door opened yet again revealing yet another surprise of the evening, making Zayn gasp.


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