Being the daughter of a famous pop star is never easy. What would make it a thousand times harder is when your supposed "Dad" wont tell you anything about yourself. Who your mom is. Why everyone else in the world knows more about you then you thought you knew. Why your never aloud to go anywhere without someone. And most importantly……why your "Dad" keeps beating you……Join the young ten year Darcy Anne as she finally learns who she really is by taking a stand against the only family shes got. It'll be difficult. But if you badly wanted to know something would you give up? If you read this book of a little girls dramatic life keep this question in your mind……how do you know that you're actually you?


5. Let it go…

"I made a couple of girls bleed…" I said really fast and super quietly.

"What did you say?" Liam asked from the back.

"I punched and kicked some girls and they started bleeding." I said with a little bit more confidence in my voice. The laughing in the back receded almost immediately after I said that.

"What?" All the guys asked at the same time with shock clear in their voices.

"I punched and kicked Carmen and Brianna till they were bleeding." I said louder.

"Why?!" They all yell/asked.

"Cause they were bullying Alice. They told her that it was her fault that her parents divorced. I told them to say sorry or else and they said 'what are YOU gonna do about it. You're just a little girl who can't even talk to her dad without crying' and then Alice told me I should just let it go…but, me being me, I snapped and started using my training on them. But it wasn't just me. It was Mack as well and after they were all bloody THEN they said sorry. Then I got suspended for a week. I made sure Mack didn't get in trouble for anything. But me, Alice and Mack have been having fun outside of school." I said with so much confidence that it almost scared me.

Alice (or you can use on of our two nicknames for her Ali and Algal) has been my best friend since we were babies. She has gorgeous long, wavy, hip length, dirty blonde hair and matching icy blue eyes. She's slightly shorter then me. She says she's 4 feet tall.

She turns nine in two weeks and is the more matured one out of us. I guess you have to be when your parents divorce. She has an older sister and an older brother. Her sister, Racal, is in University of the preforming arts she's twenty two and lives with her boyfriend. Her brother Reese is a football(soccer) star and lives with two of his buds. All of them are twenty. She also has two younger sisters. Rachel is in second grade and Rebekah is in kindergarten. They live with their mom, Averee, during the week and their dad, Jack, on the week ends.  

The unlucky thing for her is that she almost never sees her siblings. Thats cause she lives with Jack during the week and Averee on the weekends. Sad right? She's been bullied about her family since what seems like forever. She's such a kind and caring girl but is REALLY shy when you first meet her.

I find that my favourite thing about her is she's not friends with me cause of my dad. No. She's friends with me because I'm her badass side and she's my angel side. 

Then there's Mackenzie or Mack for short. She's nine. Been nine for two weeks now. She has beautiful bright, honey blonde, kinda but not really straight hair and amazing blue/grey eyes. She's a little taller then me standing at about 4.2.

All us think Mack has the saddest family life ever. Her parents died when she was three in a car crash. She was in the same car with them and only has a scar on her right leg. It looks super cool……but it holds a sad story.

She lives with her two older brothers. Both of them are half brothers. Her dad was Luke's dad and her mom was Ashton's mom. Her parents got married and had her two years later. They both go to University of the preforming arts with her cousins Michael and Calum. They're in a band called Five Seconds Of Summer. Mack says that they're good. I've never heard them. But I want to SOOOO badly. Mack is trying to convince them to play for me as a birthday present.

Mackenzie has a very outgoing, bubbly and fun personality. But just like me if you do or say the wrong thing to her or her friends then you are going to die in the most painful why she can think of at the moment. She's kinda protective like that.

Luke and Ashton have her going to bunch of different defensive and fighting things. It makes her a perfect friend if you need to be protected. Thats why Gemma loves her.

And last but not lest theres Conner. He's the most popular guy in our grade. I think it's cause he's so cute……don't tell him I said that.

He's a day younger then me but he's three inches taller then me standing at 4.4. He has dark brown hair(kinda like Louis) and bright forest green eyes.

Conner's always SUPER protective over me not letting me go anywhere where he can't see me. That is unless I'm at home. I go to his place whenever I want seeing as he lives right next door and our balconies are right beside each other. Conners trying to convince his dad to attach the two balconies. His dad says maybe EVERY time.

He's the youngest of five boys. His oldest brother, Dennis, owns some important business place and he's 27. He's lives with his wife and two kids in a big fancy house. I've only been there five times. Marcus is the second oldest at age 25 and is a REALLY good car salesmen. He lives with his girlfriend in a nice cottage place. I've been there fifteen times. Chris is third oldest and is in grade 12. He's really smart and already has collage places he can go to for free. He's 18, still lives at home and works at a bakery. He LOVES having me over and spoils Conner to the point where Conner has to say no. Carl is the second youngest, in grade 11, 17 years old, is unemployed and loves to make fun of me and my friends. He has this REALLY sweet girlfriend though. His parents are Sara who's 52 and Ramon who's 55. They're both retired and super kind. They usually ask me to come over every weekend. And I usually do.

Conner can't stand Harry. He hates his guts for doing what he did to me. Which makes it REALLY obvious that he's not a fan. And let me tell you a secret……he likes me. Don't tell him I know that. It's supposed to be a secret so that we don't lose our friendship (insert rolling of eyes here).

"Darcy, thats not something you should be proud of. You shouldn't be hitting people. Thats not nice. Also what did Conner do?" Liam said seriously with an upset expression on his face.

"Ya I know……but if you saw what they were doing to her you would've done the same. And Conner…well he kinda…he wasn't there…and he doesn't know. He's been in California for a month with Chris and his family. Please don't tell him." I begged.

"I think you just said that to the wrong person. Liam would've solved that with words. Your dad on the other hand…" Louis said while smirking evilly and completely ignoring what I said after that.

"Louis don't you dare." Harry seethed his hands on the wheel tightening till his knuckles were white.

I glanced between his hands and the pissed off expression he wore on his face and suddenly became curious.

"Why? What'd he do?" I asked Louis confusedly.

"Lou you better not." Harry warned glancing in the mirror back at the grinning boy.

"Oh. You know. He completely beat the shit outta some guy that touched his girlfriend. Aka your mo-" he was abruptly shut up when Harry slammed on the brakes.

"LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON I TOLD YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!" Harry screamed back at Louis.

"Harry calm down. He was just kidding around." Niall spoke up.

"YA WELL HE SHOULD LEARN WHEN TO SHUT UP AND STOP HIS KIDDING AROUND!!!!" Harry shot at Niall making him cringe.

"Harry chill out. You're gonna hurt someone." Liam said calmly.


"Dad, stop please. You're scaring me. Please don't hurt someone. Let it go." I whimpered tears threatening to spill out my eyes.

Harry looked at me his face instantly changing from rage to guilt. His left hand reached over and wiped a stray tear that had fallen.

"I'm sorry, Dee." He breathily sighed quickly giving me a kiss on the forehead and turning to continue driving to the carnival.

The rest of the ride was almost completely quiet with the odd conversation about how I was doing since the last time the guys saw me.

Harry suddenly spoke up say that we were almost at the carnival and that the guys should get ready to find their girlfriends.

"Can I take Darcy on some rides?" Niall asked Harry like a child asking his dad for sweets.

"Sure. But make sure she doesn't leave your sight." Harry warned Niall making the 23 year old nod.

"Okay." Niall said grinning from ear to ear making all the rest of us smile. We can't help it. Niall has a contagious smile AND laugh making him the worst person to hang around when you want to be mad.

"Yes." I said pumping my elbow into the chair making all the guys, even Harry, laugh.

"Okay then. Lets go." Harry said smiling. And opening the door.

Everyone got out of the car and made their way to the ticket booth.

I was look around when I saw someone I was hoping wouldn't see me and my dad for all of Christmas break.

"Oh, hey Darcy!!"

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