Being the daughter of a famous pop star is never easy. What would make it a thousand times harder is when your supposed "Dad" wont tell you anything about yourself. Who your mom is. Why everyone else in the world knows more about you then you thought you knew. Why your never aloud to go anywhere without someone. And most importantly……why your "Dad" keeps beating you……Join the young ten year Darcy Anne as she finally learns who she really is by taking a stand against the only family shes got. It'll be difficult. But if you badly wanted to know something would you give up? If you read this book of a little girls dramatic life keep this question in your mind……how do you know that you're actually you?


1. Daddy?!?!?!

(This whole book will be from Darcy's point of view)

"Darcy? Daaaaaaaaaaarcy? Where are you?" She asked as she got closer to my hiding spot.

"I'm not saying. You have to find me." I giggled while gripping my knees tighter to my chest.

"BOO!!!!!!" She yelled loudly.

"AHHH!!!!" I screamed even louder.

"Ha ha. Hurry I wanna show you mommies new stuff." My ten year old sister Carley said while reaching out her hand and helping me up.

"Ok." I said grabbing her hand tightly.

My name is Darcy. Darcy Styles. I am a eight year old British girl with brown, curly, waist, length hair and enchanting green eyes. And yes my dad is the famous Harry Styles.

I hate him. He left me with his sister Gemma and her daughter Carley. But he's the only biological family I have.

I haven't seen him since January. It's December and Christmas is days away. But I haven't seen my mom. Ever. She left my dad when I was born.

"Isn't it pretty Darcy." Carley asked as we walked up to the mantel place.

There stood the pictures of my dad, Gemma, Carley, CoCo, the boys in my dads band and……two emerald glass pigeons.

"Who's are those?" I asked pointing at the pigeons.

"Yours." I heard a deep voice from behind me and gasped.

"DADDY!!!" I screamed before turning around and seeing my dad standing there.

I let go of Carley's hand and ran up to my dad and he bent down. 

'Ha! He thinks I'm happy' I thought before I raised my hand and slapped his face super hard. There was a satisfying thwack before he stumbled backwards falling on the floor.

"DARCY!!!!!" Everyone screamed at me before I ran off to my bedroom crying.

~~~~~~~Half an hour later~~~~~~~

I hate him. He thinks he can make me happy by giving me pigeons?! Well he can't. He left me……he left me all alone on my birthday.

"Darcy?" It's Liam, "Darcy, can I come in please?" He asked softly.

"no." I sobbed barely over a whisper.

"Please Darcy? I really wanna see my CeeCee." He said making me giggle silently.

"Ok." I said while running over to the big glass doors and opening them reveling a smiling Liam.

"You remembered?" I giggle/asked him while I wiped tears off my face.

He picked me up and hugged me.

"How could I forget my CeeCee?" He laughed in my ear while putting me down on the ground.

"I don't know." I said frowning in thought.

"Ha ha. Come here." He said smiling from on my big bed.

I skipped eagerly over to my favorite "uncle".

"So. Why did you slap daddy?" He asked still smiling.

"Cause he deserved it." I said frowning.


"Cause it was my birthday and he went bye bye." I grumbled.

"I did too you know." He said while frowning slightly.

"Ok." I said before slapping him gently across his face and laughing with him.

"Should we go see uncle Louis and uncle Zayn?" He asked.

"Is my brother there?" I asked him.

"Ha ha. Yes, Niall is here." He laughed at me.

"YAAAAAY!" I yelled leaping off his lap and running down the hall to the kitchen but stopping abruptly when I heard daddy talking.

"Why is she like this? I give her everything she wants but she still likes the boys better then me." He said.

"You've been gone half her life Harry. You can't expect her to just leap into you arms right when you come home." Gemma said comfortingly.

"SAME WITH THE BOYS BUT SHE ADORES THEM!!!!" He yells standing and grabbing Gemma by the arms.


"DADDY LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" I Cried as Gemma closed her scared eyes.

Harrys hand dropped and he looked over at my crying face in shock and fear.

"Darcy, how long have you been there?" He asked me kindly while walking towards me.

I took a step back before speaking quietly "I can't believe you. If you truly loved me then you would have told them I exist." And walking into the living room to see the Christmas tree set up and presents underneath.

"DARCY!!!!" All the guys shouted at once as they stood up and came towards me.

"I don't know what to yell back." I giggled in response.

"Thats ok. Just let me be the first to hold you and we'll be all good." Louis laughed as he came and swooped me off my feet.

"LOU PUT ME DOWN!!!!" I screeched in terror.

For as long as I can remember I haven't liked being pick up or being put in high places. Gemma says its cause of my mom.

"Oh. Right. Sorry CeeCee." He said quickly before plopping me down on the ground.

I got up and looked around. They are here. My uncles and brother are here.

"NI NI!!!" I shouted spotting Niall in the corner of the room.

"Hey Darcy!" He shouted back making me giggle.

"Wait……wheres Zany?" I asked a little confused.

"Right here." He said before tickling my sides making me laugh like crazy.

After a few seconds of squirming around and trying to get him to stop I heard Carley speak quietly, "Zayn stop. She's still sick."

"Sick? When was she sick?" All the guys asked Carley.

"Last month. She stopped breathing and she had to go in the ambulance." She said quietly.

All the guys looked at me shocked and started crying.

"Why are you crying?" CoCo asked(CoCo is Carley's four year old sister).

The guys laughed a little at her.

"Suppers ready!" Gemma called from the kitchen before the guys could answer CoCo.

We all ran into the dinning room and sat down in random seats.

I looked around the room. Niall was sitting on my left and Liam was on my right. In front of me was Harry. On Harrys left was Louis and on his right sat Zayn. By Liam, at the end of the table, was Carley. At the other end by Niall was Gemma. CoCo was in her highchair by Gemma.

'Now all I need is a daddy.' I thought in my head.

"Well. DIG IN!!!!!" Gemma shouted as the boys started grabbing food.

I just sat there and Liam and Niall put food on my plate.

We all sat back and ate our food with some small talk going round. That is until Harry started speaking.

"Darcy?" He asked while look at me.

"Yes, Harry?" I asked back.

"Why don't you love me?"

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