just the beginning of it all

when i moved i felt like it changed my life i left my friends and i messed up everything up with everyone i tried to change it but in the end it was to late everyone hat e me and i had no one left when i moved i so now i really wish i was i wasn't normal there and now i really wish i was i wasn't normal there and now i have to change my self for them i hope no one finds out why i moved and i hope i dont fall in love because in the end it will always end up horrible


3. waking up to that un known place

i could feel everything again but there was one feeling that i never felt before. i could feel a warm soft hand in mine but i also felt tears on my hand i didnt understand what was happening. i could hear i faint voice of someone crying and saying i miss you i need you i love you please comeback here with me i know i may have just met you  but i love  you and i really need you here with me so i can protect you and hold you i promise that when you wake up i will always be there for you to protect you. after that i knew i just knew that he was the one for me. i wanted to open my eyes so bad and just get up and kiss him i wanted to tell him how much i knew that he carried about me and loved me i wanted to tell him and scream to the world that i loved him i did and i knew that this would be the best for him and me we would be perfect. i slowly opened my eyes and i saw liam there with his head in his hands i moved my arm a little so that he would look up but it didnt work. so i had to fully get up in the bed kind of sit in front of him and lightly shake him. he finally looked up and when he did he just looked so happy that he just stood up and kissed me like never before, and of course i kissed him back i new i loved him but how would i tell him i was thinking so much at that point that i couldnt even frrl him pull away from the kisss and hug me  so tight that he was basically in the bed with me. we let go of the hug and just looked at each other. we looked at each other like we never did before or well at least he never did before. he staired in my eyes and i did the smae with him. we looked at each other with so much love that we didnt need kissing even though i loved when we did that, but any way we didnt need kissing or words we just looked at each other and new that. we kept looking at each other and it felt like forever but i didnt care i would always love to spend forever with him :)

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