just the beginning of it all

when i moved i felt like it changed my life i left my friends and i messed up everything up with everyone i tried to change it but in the end it was to late everyone hat e me and i had no one left when i moved i so now i really wish i was i wasn't normal there and now i really wish i was i wasn't normal there and now i have to change my self for them i hope no one finds out why i moved and i hope i dont fall in love because in the end it will always end up horrible


2. jsu that special someone

we ended the kiss and i just felt like ive known liam my whole life.

liam: i know we just meet and all but i would reallly like to take you out on one date and if it dosent work then......

i just stopped him from talking and kissed him i kissed like i never kissed anyone before i kissed with some thing that i felt and that was love so much passion and love. we ended the kiss and i just stard at him in hsi eyes and i felt like i could just tell him anything and everything i ffelt like i was in love and i know that i jsust meet him but if you where in my position you would understand everything that i was feeling.

liam: so is that a yes??

ally: yes it is but i wont have anyhting to wear.

liam: it isok i will have everything planned dont worry at all.

i kind of gave him a scared look but then i just nodded and said ok. he started driving l just turned and stared out of the window. after about mabye 20 min we pulled up to house that just rememinded of like a castel or even a mantion. it was amazing i guess i waas staring at it for a while cause liam was already at the door laughing at me cause i was just sitting in the car staring aat his house. i finally got out of the car and walked up the path way and to the door. he was still standing there and just smiling at me. he reached out his hand for me and i happly took it. we walked in his house and i just saw about five people staring at me and our hands. then all just got up and ran over to us. i kind of got scared so i may ha ve just hid behind liam. hi friends just looked at me like i was weird but just started talking to him. one of them looked at me and smiled. me being nice i smile back at him and stop hiding behind liam

???: hi im  niall i havent seen you here before whats your name?

ally: hi my names ally i meet liam at the air port

niall: oh that is cool oh wait where are your bags??

ally: umm i dont have bags my mom really just put me on a plane and just um

i really couldnt keep on telling people this i just couldnt take the pain i mean telling liam wasnt this bad but telling everyone again and again just hurts me to know how un wanted i was and probably still is. i just let go of liam's hand and ran out the doo ri know i like liam but i couldnt take telling people what i have been going through and what i have gone through. i ran down the street not knowing where im going cause im new but i just ran even though i new that liam was running after me. i could hear liam yelling my name but i didn tcare right now but i couldnt take it anymore. i ran until i found a gas station and ran to the bathroom and locked the door right  behind me. i looked at the mirror and saw that it was broken, i saw a piece of the mirrrior on the ground and picked it up in my hand. i put the glass by my wrist and felt it pierce my skin. i was just sitting there watching my blood drop and then everything just went black i couldnt speak or hear or see. i felt nothing and i guess you could say that i felt at peace. i know that may sound weird but i really did no one worried about me i didnt have to think about my family and my friends..... but then the one thing that came to my mind was liam..........

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