Give Your Heart A Break (Niall Horan)

Niall though that Ariana was the love of his life..... but what happens when she left him for Nathan Sykes he was heart broken until Zayn set him up with this fiance's best friend Karlea....... will she fix his broken heart?


1. Heart Break

Niall’s pov

I layed on my bed like u have for the past few weeks by myself feeling my heart break slowly. This was the worst feeling in the world I though she loved me but no she had to go and cheat on me with that fucking cunt Nathan from the Wanted fucking assholes “I hate this” I whispered closing my eye “NIIIIAAAALLLLLL” I heard Louie yelled along with some other voices witch I was guessing were the other boys “up here” I yelled back “Hiiiii bubby” Lou yelled jumping on top me “Hi” I said simply “oh Niall please smile I miss your goofy smile” he said making me smile the tiniest pit “hey mate how ya feeling” Liam said as he sat next to me “horrible” I mumbled “Niall you need to move on she not worth it mate” Zayn said making me sigh “I know she’s not but she was my first really girlfriend in a long time and she just broke my heart its hard you know” I whispered with my face into the pillows “what if I told you I know girl that is a million times better then Ariana” Zayn said making me look up “it wouldn’t matter she’d would just cheat on me as well” I cried “no she wouldn’t cause you know who her Ex’s is” Zayn quizzed  “who” I asked “Nathan skyed” he said making me sit up “what?!?!?” I yelled “yep she court them having sex and she broke up with him the night before Ariana left you” he explained “how do you know all this” I asked “her best friend is Perrie they’ve been like sisters this year 9” he answered with a small smile “but I don’t know Zayn why would she like me im a mess” I said looking down “NIALL JAMES HORAN YOU DO NOT SAY THAT ABOUT YOUERSELF” Harry yelled making me laugh “yeah any girl would be lucky to have you” Liam said making me smile “tanks guys” I said smiling “so anyway when am I going to meet her” I asked Zayn, Zayn looked down at his watch and smiled at me “in about 20 minutes” he said with a smirk “WHAT? Im a mess she can see me like this” I yelled making them laugh “then go get your Irish ass in the shower” Lou yelled getting me up and pushed me to the bathroom.

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