Dream Came True

Bella is going to go to a One Direction concert. Will she meet Zayn?


1. Normal Day

"You are beautiful." Zayn said to me. I smile at him. He lead to down so he could be closer to my face. I close my eyes waiting for him to kiss me.

He suddenly said "Wake up Bella." I open my eyes and look at him confuse. "Wake up!" He said again. I felt someone shaking me. What the hell?

I open my eyes and saw my sister looking down at me. It was only a dream. I was dreaming of Zayn Malik from one direction.

"What do you want?" I said to my sister annoyed for waking me up.

"Mom said to wake you up. And said that you were going to be late of you don't get up now." My little sister said. I nodded and she left.

I got up and change into jeans with a black blouse and put on converse. I comb my hair and went to brush my teeth. I grabbed my things and went downstairs.

"Good morning mom."I said walking up to her and kissing her.

"Morning honey. Are you going to eat?" My mom ask.

"No I will eat at school." I said kissing her and my sister goodbye kiss. I head out and went to my car.

I was in car and decided to turn on the radio. My favorite song came on. Story of My Life. I started to sing. I love this song.

I finally got to school. I got my things and ran to homeroom.

"Look who decided to join us today!" Mr. Smith said. He was my homeroom teacher. I have me a fake smile and went to my sit in the back.

"Why were you late bel?" My best friend ask me.

"I overslept Perla." I said. She just nodded.

The bell rang telling us it was time to go to our first class.

"Did you hear that 1D is coming to Nashville next week?" Perla ask me.

"Yes and I really wan to go bit my mom is not going to let me go." I said sitting in my sit in my science class.

"I can ask her. You know my parent gave me two tickets for not being here on my birthday." Perla's parents travel a lot. They didn't spend much time with her.

"OMG! Please ask my mom. Maybe she will let me go." I said. Out teacher came to the class and started our lesson.

It was finally time to go home. Perla was coming to my house later to ask my mom about letting me got to the 1D concert. I hope she will let me go. I will meet My Love Zayn. 😍

Perla finally got to my house. She talk to my mom but she didn't said anything to me.

"Well I will see you later Bel!" Perla said smiling kissif me on the cheek. I said bye and close my door.

"so mom can I go?" I said nervously.

She acted like she was thinking.

"YES! You can go!" I jump up and down and kiss her. I was so happy.

I'm Going to Meet One Direction and Zayn Malik.

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