The Lie

Have you ever felt those butterflies in your stomach? The new kid, Melody Jane, has eyes for the football star, Carter Xanderfield. But there's one problem - he's been lying about his identity for his whole life. He's really both a werewolf and a vampire. What happens when he crosses paths with the shy, innocent new girl?


1. A New Beginning

Harmony's POV

“Wake up, Harmony!

I felt a forceful push on my back as I went flying towards the back of the driver’s seat. 

“What the hell Jack?!” I lightly pressed on my forehead in pain. “That really hurt!

Jack laughed. “That’s what you get for not putting on your seatbelt.

“See, this is why mom calls me the “mature one” even though I’m younger than you. Jesus, Jack. You’re a freaking senior in high school and you still act like a 5 year old kid.”

 Without another word, Jack opened the van door and quietly left. I win, yet again.

 “Harmony! Come help us with the furniture!,” my mom shouted.

 I rolled my eyes. “Coming!”


 “Seriously, this is where we’re living for the rest of our lives? I’d rather live in a small ass apartment then this old, crappy, single floor house.”

 “Don’t give me sass, Harmony Jane. I worked hard to earn money to live here. Now quit your moaning and go unpack.” My mom said.

 “You should’ve spent the money on something more useful...” I muttered under my breath.

 “Hey, I heard that! Don’t you disrespect your mother like that!” She shouted.

 I continued walking as I mentally stuck up the middle finger.

 I grabbed the room closest to the kitchen, because food is basically my best friend.

 I threw my bags open and shoved all my clothes in the drawers.

 I propped myself down on my bed and opened my laptop, clicking on the skype icon.

 I pressed the ‘call’ button on my best friend’s username and he immediately picked up.

 “Liam!” I shouted as soon as I saw his face on my screen.

 “Harmony! God I miss you already.”

 I grinned. “I’m at my new house. It’s crappier than I thought it would be.”

 He laughed. “I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun over there in New York.”

 “I hope so.”

 “Harmony!” “’What?!” “Come meet your new neighbors!”

 I rolled my eyes. “I’m so sorry Liam. I’ll be right back. Don’t hang up.”

 “This is my daughter, Harmony, and this is my son, Jack.”

 “Nice to meet you.” I smiled, as I shook hands with them.

 “I’m Beth, this is my husband Logan, and this is our son, Carter. We’re the Xanderfields. We’d officially like to welcome you to Edgebridge Hollows”

 I took a moment to inspect the family. All of them are fairly pale, besides Logan. Carter looks a little bit ‘unique’ though. He’s 6 feet tall and has these hazel, yet red eyes. His eye color is an unexplainable color. He’s really skinny – probably skinnier than me, yet he’s fit. I can see the outline of his abs though the tight shirt he’s wearing. He has perfectly straight, white teeth and a gorgeous smile.

 I stood there staring at Carter in awe. He is probably the most flawless person I’ve ever seen in my life.

 The sound of Beth’s voice interrupted me from examining Carter’s beautiful face even more.

“We never thought anyone would ever move in here.”

 I furrowed my eyebrows. “Why is that?”

 “Oh, the real estate agent didn’t tell you?”

 My mom, my brother, and I exchanged confused looks.

 “Triple murder. A family of three died around 50 years ago due to an animal attack. No one’s lived here ever since.”

 “freaky...” I muttered





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