Little Mix

This is the first time that I meet the girl band called originally Rhythm mix, and is now known as Little Mix throughout the entire world.
This is the first time that I meet all the band members from Little Mix and they ask me to go on the road with them and be their personal bodyguard.


8. The Secret Kiss

My throat hurt from shouting Little Mix's name and singing along to their songs, word-for-word, when they asked me to. My ears throbbed from the enormous amount of noise and chanting around me. My heart pounded as I retraced my steps back to their dressing room. 

"Hello there!" grinned Perrie. "Did you have fun?"

"You were brilliant, all of you! Every single one of you! I had the best hour-and-a-half of my life!" I exclaimed.

"Aw, thank you," replied Leigh-Anne. "I could see you in the front! You were loving it!"

"Of course."

"What's 'e doing in here?" A muscular, burly man stormed into the dressing room. All the girls looked slightly terrified. He wore a black t-shirt reading "SECURITY" on it. He sticks his over sized finger right in my face. "You! Get out! Leave these girls in peace!"

"But..." began Jade. The man cut her off with an icy look.. That was it. Remembering my self-defense classes, I got the man in a headlock. He threw me off, but I quickly got back on my feet, panting. I kicked him in the shins with all my strength. Weakened, he fell on his knees. "Serves you right," Jade said again. "You're fired for a lack of respect for our fans."

"Can you actually do that?"

"Like I said, we're our own bosses," said Perrie. "Come on the road with us. Be our new bodyguard. Hell, you know a thing or two about fighting."

"I am honored," I gasped. I felt like the luckiest guy alive. 

"Let's go," suggested Jesy. 

As the other three started to leave, Jade grabbed my wrist. I shivered at her beautifully soft touch. 

"Thank you for what you did," she said quietly. 

"No problem." I turned to go, but she turned me around and we kissed. I felt static electricity pulse through my body. Her glossy hair tumbled through my fingertips. This was heaven. I never wanted to stop. 

As soon as Jade broke away, she put her hand over her mouth. 

"What's the matter?"

"Do you know about him?" she asked. Oh no. Her boyfriend. 

"No, no, no, Jade, I'm so sorry," I gasped. Her face crumbled. Her eyes filled with tears. All because of me. 

"Jade..." Jesy was standing in the doorway. Her face looked completely stunned. 

"Please, Jesy, you can't tell anybody," sobbed Jade. 

"Shhh," Jesy cuddled her and rocked her back and forth. 

I couldn't believe what I had done. I let my feelings take over my body and they lead me in to trouble. Jade now has her phone out, and is frantically consulting her text messages. 

"He should be coming soon," she murmured. 

"To do what?"

"Pick me up. I can't drive."

There's a long pause.

"Are you going to tell him that you kissed me?" Her face fell. 

"It's the right thing to do." Now I was in trouble.

"Jade!" He burst through the door, beaming, but his bright grin faded when he noticed Jade's smudged mascara. 

"What's the matter, love?" he asked, going to hold her. She stiffened as he folded her in for a hug. She didn't hug him back. Does she love me more than him now?

"Do you see that guy there?" She pointed me out. I wished the ground could swallow me up. "He's our new bodyguard... and I'm so sorry... I kissed him..."

"You what?"

"I kissed him. I'm so, so sorry, I can explain everything..."

He saw me. 

Jade's boyfriend tried to hit me but couldn't because I countered every swing he aimed at me. Jade stares at us, looking perplexed. We fought on and on. I still kept fighting for Jade's honor. I wanted her to  realize I love her. I hit him in the face. He doubled over, but recovered quickly and served me a punch neat in the temple. I staggered backwards, onto the floor. Jade screamed at her boyfriend and shoved him against the wall.

"Leave, now!" she roared. "I don't want to even look at you after you did that!" Her boyfriend then left. I was losing consciousness and I needed to get to a hospital.

"David, please tell me you're okay." Jade knelt down beside me. Before I could tell her, I ended up passing out.


Then I awoke to a room with nothing but white. Had I died? Was this Heaven? Then, I noticed that Jade never left my side, because as I woke up she was sitting next to me at this exact moment. It felt very weird because she actually cared for me and I never thought she would. 

"Jade..." I breathed. "How long have you been here?"

"Several hours," she replied, "waiting for you to come round."

"What's happened to me?"

"The doctor said you have a serious head injury and you'll have to stay overnight," said Jade. "You had some pretty bad concussion, but no brain damage."

"Where are the others?"

"They went home, because it got really late. They'll be back soon," explained Jade. "They see you as a bodyguard, a member of their staff, and a friend."

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