Little Mix

This is the first time that I meet the girl band called originally Rhythm mix, and is now known as Little Mix throughout the entire world.
This is the first time that I meet all the band members from Little Mix and they ask me to go on the road with them and be their personal bodyguard.


7. My Life Story

I was younger than I was before I met Little Mix at Barnes & Nobles and when i was at a concert. That's when I noticed that they were not on stage yet because the concert has not started. I was beginning to worry.

That's when I snuck backstage to their dressing room, and that's when I was ambushed. I was actually inside the room with Little Mix and they were just looking at me.

That's when I woke up in the arms of Jade Thirlwall. This is when I got up slowly and I asked:

"What happened? And where am I?"

"Dang it Jesy! You hit him in the head too hard! Why don't you try to be careful next time when one of our fans comes into our dressing room."

This is when I realize that Jade is the one that is actually icing my head since Jesy hit me. 

"Do you feel OK?" she asked. I love the sound of her accent. Where was she from? My head was filled up to the brim with facts about them. 

"Yeah," I replied dreamily. 

"Jesy! Jade!" someone shouted. "Showtime in ten minutes!"

"Hold on! We're busy!" Jade shouted back."We're looking after somebody?"

Leigh-Anne opened the door. When she saw me, her jaw dropped. 

"Oh God? What's he doing? And why is Jade icing his head?"

"He came in here, just curious. I thought he'd try and mug us, so I hit him in the head," replied Jesy. As she spoke, she didn't meet Leigh-Anne's eyes. "I messed up, big time. Sorry."

"You whacked a fan in the head?" Perrie breezed into the room. "Jesy!"

"It's my fault, really," I admitted. "I was being seriously nosey..."

"No worries," said Jade reassuringly. I knew she'd say that. She was Jade Thirlwall. "We love meeting our fans. In fact, you are so standing at the front tonight if you feel okay." I couldn't believe my luck. 

"Are you serious?"

"Of course. We're our own bosses," Perrie grinned. "We do what we want."

"One last question before we go on stage," adds Leigh-Anne, "what's your name?"


"Nice to meet you. We need to go on. Come and see us after the show," said Perrie. 




I leave the backstage area with a hop, skip and jump. All my Christmases came at once. I was so dizzy with excitement I could have fainted at any moment.

I felt where Jade had her hand on my forehead and smiled. 


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