Little Mix

This is the first time that I meet the girl band called originally Rhythm mix, and is now known as Little Mix throughout the entire world.
This is the first time that I meet all the band members from Little Mix and they ask me to go on the road with them and be their personal bodyguard.


23. Chapter 23: My Gigantic House!!!!!!!!!!!!

After jade and i married Perrie,Zayn, and i, we decided to buy a house that has 6 bedrooms so we could all live together as one big happy family plus we also have a recording studio in the house but it is a huge house and our daughter's really like it plus perrie said "Since we are a big family now but it is an excellent idea that we all pay for this big house", after we paid for the house within a week that's when we moved into our luxurious house plus jade said"She had a surprise for me in the bedroom", after a couple of hours passed i decided to take a shower so that i smell fresh and start cooking dinner as i got to the kitchen Zayn was there making food for all of us but it looked like he needed help so i asked him "If he needed any help" then he said"Yes", we were both cooking that's when the entire house smelled entirely different but it made me very happy that we all get along very well at our house.

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