The Lies I Live in

A girl who's live gets turned around when she meets someone she never thought she'd even know in the first place.


1. Prologue

‘Mommy? Where are you?’ The small boy looks scared.

‘Where is she prince?’ an even younger girl asks him. They don’t really look alike, with his dark brown hair and hers almost white, except for their eyes. Still you can tell they’re siblings.

‘I don’t know princess, but don’t worry, we’ll find her.’ The young girl nods. She looks as if she’s only three or four year old and the boy isn’t much older even though he’s being very protective over his little sister.

He starts yelling for their mother again, but there’s still no answer. The girl is clinging on to her brother.

‘I’m scared prince, she said she was downstairs...’

‘That’s alright princess, why don’t you go to bed? I promise I’ll wake you up when I find mommy.’ His sister nods and runs off, leaving him all by himself. He wanders around the big house they live in until he finally decides to look upstairs anyway.

His little feet stamp up the stairs and past a few doors. Suddenly he stops dead in his tracks as he feels something wet beneath his feet. He looks down. A frown shows on his face when he sees a red liquid staining the carpeted floor. Softly he calls out again, ‘Mommy?’ Hesitatively he walks towards the door where the liquid is seeping underneath from. As soon as he leans around the corner, his eyes get big and fill themselves with tears. As he runs downstairs, they spill and he grabs the phone.

‘999 what’s your emergency?’ a kind voice says over the phone. The young child answers with a shaking voice.

 ‘My mommy, she’s in our bathroom and she’s covered with blood-’ his voice is cut off by a small sob. The voice asks him for his address which he gives. Minutes later the sound of sirens is cutting through the peace of night.


‘How old are you young man?’ the boy tears his gaze from his mother being carried away.

‘I- I just turned six sir.’ He stutters. The policeman in front of him nods and scribbles something down and asks another question, but the boy’s distracted by the sight of his sister at the bottom of the stairs. She’s rubbing her eyes and clinging to a blanket.

‘Princess what are you doing down here?’ the policeman turns his head and his eyes widen in shock.

‘I couldn’t sleep with all the noise. Did you find mommy yet?’ she says with a groggy voice. The boy hesitatively shakes his head, ‘No I haven’t. Maybe we should just stop looking.’ Tears are building up in his eyes again. The policeman is saying something in his radio and the girl nods with tears in her eyes as well.

Another policeman walks in interrupting them, the girl looks at him with big eyes as he crouches down in front of her.

‘Hello little girl, how old are you?’ The girl looks at her brother who gives her a slight nod to say it’s alright. Then she proudly sticks up three fingers.

‘Three years old?’ she nods, ‘But I’ll be four in a few days, eight days later than my prince.’ She looks at her brother again whilst saying that. The policeman gives her a small smile.

‘And what’s your name then sweetie?’Again she looks at her brother for reassurance before answering with a clear voice now. ‘Julie.’

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