Little white lies

"Marcel tell me who you really are and no more lies please" I said to him looking straight into his eyes
"I cant" he muttered.
"Then I guess we cant be together if your going to lie to me about who you really are" I said as tears came to my eye's
"Please I'm sorry its just you might not like me for me if you knew" I slapped him right across the face and stormed out. How dare he think that. I loved him for him not because of anything else and what little white lie could change that?


5. Way too much!


Poppy's pov

I laughed my head off as Nick tried to make his way up the stair but failed miserably. He scowled at me then laughed with me.

"how did you get up here without tripping though stairs are a health hazard!" I smiled then helped him up the last few stairs. He tripped again but this tip fell taking me down with him. Lets just say Awkward Position!!! And that happened to be the exact moment when Harmony and Marcel came up the stairs. I think I turned so red that I could put a tomato to shame. I jumped up and grabbed Nicks hand.

"Its not what it looks like!" Nick tried to explain

"Um..." Thats the reply from Marcel while Harmony was blinking.

"We came up here so we could talk! I couldnt hear myself downstairs" Thats when they realized

"Oohh" I giggled. Then I felt a hand roughly grab mine. I looked down saw our interlocked fingers and slowly followed the hand up until I saw it wasn't who I thought it was. My hand came up and soon a loud sound of skin on skin. I ripped my hand from his and stomped downstairs. I could hear Harmony yelling at him as Nick was trying to get my attention. I ran out of the school tears streaming down my face causing my make up to run. I broke down when I reached the field right by the tree where me and Harmony like to hang out. I felt someone sit with me and gently pull me onto their lap and wrap their arms around me.

"Shh Its okay now" I knew that Irish accent so I rested my head on his shoulder as my body shook with tears. Nick rubbed small circles on my back while gently rocking.

"Who was that?" His voice was soft

"My ex" I felt his grip tighten.

"I should have knocked him into next week!" I let out a little giggle

"What did he do to you?" I sighed

"He beat me if I even talked to another man, It was Harmony who helped me to get away from him" I looked up to see him concentrating. He looked down at me a small smile playing at his mouth.

"Well I guess I'll have to thank her" I looked at him confused.

"Why?" He smiled 

"Cause now I can do this" I felt his lips brush mine. I could have sworn that if I turned even redder then they would have to find a name for it! 

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