Little white lies

"Marcel tell me who you really are and no more lies please" I said to him looking straight into his eyes
"I cant" he muttered.
"Then I guess we cant be together if your going to lie to me about who you really are" I said as tears came to my eye's
"Please I'm sorry its just you might not like me for me if you knew" I slapped him right across the face and stormed out. How dare he think that. I loved him for him not because of anything else and what little white lie could change that?


4. The Prom




We all climbed into the limo, and drove off. We all were chatting about each other, you know the normal things you would ask people when you get to know them. It came to 1 question Nick asked to Poppy:

"So what has happened in your past?"

"I don't want to talk about it really"

"Come on you got to tell us something about it"

"Nick if she doesn't want to talk about it, she doesn't want to talk about it. Do you not get that or something?"(Marcel)

"Ok then" Nick said just before he slapped Marcel's cheek.

"Ow, what was that for? That does it" And Marcel slapped Nick on the cheek too and then it turned into a slap fight. FUN.

"Anywho we are there so will you both stop slapping each other before I slap you!" Marcel got out of the limo and helped me to get out. Big dress hard to get out!! Then Nick followed and helped Poppy out as well. We entered the huge building and we already couldn't hear ourselves think. We found a place to sit and the guys went to get drinks. And then 2 other boys who seemed a little bit tipsy came and sat with us.

"Hey babe how are you? Fine I guess yeah? No?" The 1st guy said putting his hand on Poppy's shoulder.

"And you look like you need to have some fun pretty little lady" The 2nd guy said putting his hand on my leg! I got angry! I stood up towering over him.

"You put your hand on my leg!" I said calmly "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT!! IF 'FUN' IS WHAT YOU WANT GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO PARTY WITH, AND TAKE YOUR FRIEND WITH YOU!!" He stood up he was really small! But I am really small! "LOOK WHO'S LITTLE NOW!" Just then the boys came back just as I slapped the 2nd guy in the face. And Poppy did the same to the 1st guy.

"Violent much?" One girl in the corner said.

"So, I don't care!" (Me)

"And nor do I" (Poppy)

"So what just happened?"(Marcel)

"Nothing really just two midget guys came up to us and they started flirting with us both"(Me)

"So where did they go?"

"Well if you look over in that direction *pointing to the left* you will see them making out with those girls!"(Poppy)

"Eeww, dat nasty"(Nick in an DEVA VOICE)


Nick and Poppy are drunk and me and Marcel were sitting down with our first drink, still, talking. The drunks were dancing I guess they both feel ALIVE!! *Get this, I put one of 1D's songs in this!* Then after a wired conversation with Marcel, NOT ABOUT KILLING ONE OF MY NEIGHBORS THAT I ABSOLUTELY HATE, I turned round to find Nick and Poppy, but they weren't there! That is strange.

"Marcel do you know where Nick and Poppy are? They have disappeared"

"No I don't. Um oh dear. They could have gone upstairs!"


"Well they are drunk!"

"Quick we better go and find them before they do anything bad!!" As we left some random people laid down on the table and I don't want to say what they were doing apart from EEWW!!!

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