Little white lies

"Marcel tell me who you really are and no more lies please" I said to him looking straight into his eyes
"I cant" he muttered.
"Then I guess we cant be together if your going to lie to me about who you really are" I said as tears came to my eye's
"Please I'm sorry its just you might not like me for me if you knew" I slapped him right across the face and stormed out. How dare he think that. I loved him for him not because of anything else and what little white lie could change that?


1. Normal far!


Poppy's Pov

Me and Harmony were getting ready to start our PE lesson and today's lesson was kick boxing (YAY!). I stretched and then faced the dummy. I kicked it where it would hurt if it was a boy then punched its face while Harmony was using her kung fu and thrashing it. I heard someone clear their throat behind me but I took no notice until after I managed to behead the dummy and they did it again. So I turned around to see the principle and 5 boys behind her.

"Poppy so good to see you again after our lunch together yesterday" I smiled. The principle was my Mum and we liked to have lunch together at our favorite cafe.

"Hi Mum yesterday was a lot of fun are we doing the same today or can Harmony come this time?" My Mum smiled then said

"Yes she can come this time and oh yeah I just remembered why I came to see you" She gestured to the boys behind her

"I was wondering if you could show them around and if you wanted Harmony could help" I walked up to Harmony who was busy ripping the arm off her dummy and said 

"Hey how would you like to help me show some new boys around our school?" She smiled then nodded

"I would love to and are they cute?" I giggled and she joined in

"Shut up and follow me" I lead her to where my Mum and the boys were standing

"We would love to help" My Mum smiled then said bye and walked off.

I turned to the boys smiled and said

"Hi My name is Poppy and this is my friend .." She interrupted me and said

"Harmony" the boys all laughed then a boy with glasses said

"Hi my name is Marcel and this is Nick,Lee,Zack and Luke" HE gestured to his friends and I smiled, shook all their hands while Harmony did the same.

"Well lets start this tour" 

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