Always a catch

Ever had that feeling of being free? Perhaps when school is done for the year and that overwhelming sensation comes upon you? That realization that you're free for the entire summer? Charlotte Fisher had that same feeling after she took her first step as an adult fresh out of high school and moved out of her parents house and closer to the ocean air she desperately craved. Only little did she know exactly how long that freedom would last.


1. Feeling Free

I felt the fierce ocean air coat my burning skin and cool it down. I sighed, finally free.

All kids know, just as well as I do, how restricting a parents home can be. The curfews, rules, arguments etc. I just loved the feeling of free.

Here I knew no boundaries. Here I could be myself. If I wanted to sleep in the kitchen, I could! And I wouldn't be criticized!

I closed my eyes and took it all in. But soon, too soon it felt the wind chilled my bones and I needed to go inside as it whipped my long dark brown hair around. Casually I pushed it to the side and began to make my way back to my little apartment.

It was perfect really, reasonably priced, not too big, but not too small, right by the ocean as I always wished to live. It seemed too perfect, when I first got it I couldn't get it out of my mind that is was a dream, and for a few days I convinced myself it was! But it wasn't a dream, it was reality. Beautiful, perfect, reality.

After I graduated high school mom and dad had been pushed me either out of the house or to apply for college. I could go to college, I mean if I wanted to. I had the grades, the ambition, I was so ready. But unfortunately I couldn't get into my first pick of colleges, and mom and dad couldn't afford the university I had gotten into. So that brings me to here.

I didn't want to get pressured for community college so I chose to just leave. It made things easier. For now anyways, I couldn't bear the thought of returning to school. I needed at least a year of freedom.

The pale white oceans sand was so soft, softer than I had ever imagined sand to be. I could just stay here forever it seemed, basking in the glow of the sun.

Too soon, I got to my apartment doors. It wasn't the lowest class, but wasn't absolute highest either. Comfortable middle. We had a doorman, luckily. I waved to him as I saw him nod disapprovingly at the sand I was tracking in on my sneakers but he didn't say anything. Carefully I walked up the steps onto the third floor. There was only 4 floors to the apartment.

Suddenly a wave of exhaustion hit and I slumped to the floor just as I unlocked the door. Easily I shook it off standing again. But I only made it as far as the couch before a fresh wave of ocean scent filled my nostrils and I fell.

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