Dying Forever Now

Mia Flora Mikaelson is the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson and a werewolf called Talia. Mia is 19,782. (This is All Made up By The Way). Mia realizes the importance of her friends and family, and most of all how much true love hurts.


3. Mia Brother

I sit on the plush soft sofa, my eyes wandering into a day dream. Stefan. Stefan. Stefan. Even before I saw him, I knew that he was there. I could feel his dark eyes piercing into my back. My eyes met him.

"Do you mind?" I ask, getting really annoyed.

"No. Not really." Stefan replied, smiling at me.

I watched my two year old daughter Bella, run up to me. Her beautiful long brown hair around her face. She looks at me, her brown eyes looking into me.

"Mummy. Mummy. Look what I made?" Bella told me, showing me her picture.

I look at her picture, there drawn is three people, one that says mummy, the other that says daddy, and the other says me.

"It's beautiful Bella." I tell her.

"Mummy do you love daddy?" Bella asks me.

"Not really. The only good thing he did was give me you. He hurt mummy." I tell Bella.

"Bad daddy." Bella says.

"Hey Mia, you can't teach Bella that." Stefan accuses me.

"You are nobody Stefan. I can do whatever I want, and teach my princess anything." I tell Stefan.

"I am going back to play with auntie Rebekah." Bella tells me, kissing my cheek and then running off.

I spot Sapphire shouting with Damon, I could see that they were arguing about something, and I knew that Sapphire would win.

"Mia." Stefan calls me.

"What? Were you talking to me?" I ask politely.

"Mia, don't be like that." Stefan tells me.

"Oh, like what? Anyway, where is Katherine?" I ask out of curiousity.

"She left, told me that she had someone else in her life." Stefan answers.

"Oh, poor you. Katherine left you, I feel so sad for you, actually I don't." I say sarcastically.

"Do you think it's funny or something. You know I could just get out of your life now if I wanted to." Stefan shouts at me.

"Then why don't you, no one is telling you to stay back." I tell Stefan.

"You want me in your life." Stefan tells me.

I run up to him, and stand eye to eye with him.

"I don't need you, and I certainly don't want you. So why don't you go back to Katherine, or whatever girl you want to." I snarl at Stefan.

"Am I interrupting something?" Hayley interrupts.

"No. Nothing. How is the baby?" I ask Hayley.

"She's fine." Hayley replies.

"And how is Klaus, how is he tolerating this?" I ask Hayley.

"Well Klaus doesn't control me, but your dad is really helping me." Hayley admits.

"Just call him Elijah everyone does, and that's typical dad the complete opposite of Klaus." I say to Hayley.

Suddenly, Klaus appears, he looks at me, then at Hayley.

"Did someone mention me?" Klaus asked.

"No, nothing." I answer.

Suddenly, the door bell rings, interrupting the silence.

"I'll get it." I say, running off.

I open the door to see a guy. He had tanned skin, and brown hair, and matching brown eyes. He looked at me. Then at the necklace I wore around the my neck. The necklace was a heart locket, with a Emerald Letter M on it. The guy wore a pair of jeans, and a black jacket. He looked at me curiously, and then smiled. Who was this guy? Did I know him? I smelt him, to see what he was. Well he clearly wasn't human, but he wasn't a vampire either. Suddenly I could feel some sort of electricity between us. He smelt kind of like me, well like an original.

"Are you here for someone? Klaus, Elijah, there's someone here for you!" I exclaim loudly.

"No, I am not looking for them. Are you Mia?" the guy asks.

"Yes. I am Mia Flora Mikaelson." I answer, I can feel Klaus, Elijah and Stefan behind me, them too looking at the stranger.

"I'm Alexander, your." he begins to say.

"Brother." I end the sentance.

I can feel everyone looking at me, and then at him.

"I have been looking everywhere for you Mia, looking for my sister, and then I could suddenly feel something calling me here, and then when I look at you, I feel complete." Alexander tells me.

"I feel you too." I told Alexander.

"My big sister." Alexander says, hugging me tightly.

"My little brother." I tell Alexander.

"How old are you?" Alexander asks me.

"19,782." I reply.

"I'm 19,782 years old too." Alexander tells me.

"So we're twins." I say.

"We're twins, but you're still older than me." Alexander said.

"Come in. Alexander, this is like your home." I tell him, he walks in, but keeps looking at me.

"I always knew I had a sister, but did not know she was this beautiful." he tells me.

"Aw, just come here. I missed you." I tell Alexander.

"And I missed you too, but now I am here, and I am going to be wherever you are." he tells me.

I see Elijah look at me, and then at Alexander, and then he smiles, both of his children together at once, and I knew he would love and protect us.

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