Moon Goddess

When April's pack is destroyed by the merciless Black Night Pack, she runs away. When she gets to a peice of woods unowned by any other pack, she desides to live there. It was just a pile of boulders dropped into the middle of the woods, but it was also a house now, for it was shaped like a funky house. When she was sleeping, the pack that killed her family comes to take her away to demolish her, The alpha of the pack, Cronos, finds out that she is his mate, decides not to kill her. When the pack has a meeting, the Moon Goddess comes and tells them that She is going to be the next eir to be the Moon Goddess, for the Moon Goddess was dying. Will April ever be able to become the Moon Goddess and forgive Hunter? Or will she die under pressure?


4. Details.

Cronos's POV:

 Wow. I can't beleive she said yes!!!!!! My parents killed her entire pack, and she still forgives me!! I am so grateful for a caring and understanding mate!! Now there was an awkward silence, so I decided to make the first move. Although, I did it in mindlink. 

Me: So, you are now the Black Night Pack's Luna! How does this make you feel?

April: I feel great!! I want to see my new pack members!!!

Me: Follow me!!!

She followed me to the pack house, and once she got there she stared in awe. I don't think she has ever seen such a house. "Where did you live before we found each other," I asked her. She then started to tear up. I rushed over to her, to comfort her. At first she flinched, which hurt, but then once she saw that I was of no threat to her, she started to melt into my arms. I told her, "You know you can tell me anything, right?" "Yes, I know," she said teary eyed, "but it hurts me to think about my old pack!" I saw a flashback of when my parents forced me to watch them kill my mates pack, but at that time, I didn't know it was my mate's. So it wasn't as painful to watch, but it still hurt me. I still have nightmares about it, my parents murdering every pack that they saw as a threat, and then torturing the survivors until they died, but I am not going to describe it any more! I was to young to understand it. "I would like to get to know my mate a little more," she said enthusiastically. I brightened up at the thought of my mate wanting to know me better! "Well what would you like to know about me," I asked her. She smiled ever so cutely and said, "I want to know everything about you my dear alpha! Every little detal!"

April's POV:

"Every little detail," I said to him, without a question.  He looked up at the ceiling thinking about what he should tell me. He then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me through his castle giving me a grand tour. I had to admit. He had a nice house, no wait mansion, no wait castle!!!! He took me down what seemed like a billion flights of stairs, but was actually five.

- I bet his house is HUGE!!!!!!- 

I rolled my eyes. Lomasi was ALWAYS obssesing over boys, but now that we were with our mate, I was going to bet that she is going to go berserk over him.

- You can bet our tail on it!!!!! - 

We then got to a large room with lots of furniture and a riverstone fireplace with a GIANT flat screen tv hanging on the walls, no cords on it or anything. 

 Cronos must have seen me gawking because he said, " This is nothing!!!! We haven't even begun!"

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