Just For This Moment

Just a cute oneshot. R&R!


1. Just For This Moment

She shoved her hands deeper into her pockets, shivering again as the cold December wind blew against her puffy jacket.  She pulled her hand out of her pockets just long enough to flip the furry hood of her coat on over her head—then her gloved fingers disappeared back into the warm cave of her jacket pocket.  The fur on the outside of her hood fluttered around her face, and snowflakes fell gently around her.  Thoughts about him raced through her head as she gazed at the small frozen creek and the woods beyond.  Thoughts of his touch, and his contagious laugh… of the way his fingers fit perfectly between hers…of his voice and the way he looked at her as if she was the most important thing in the universe.  But he’s not here now, is he? She thought to herself, blinking quickly both to ward off the tears that she didn’t want to fall, and to flick away the snowflakes that were landing on her eyelashes.  She giggled quietly to herself as she stuck her tongue out, trying to catch the flakes in her mouth.  She heard a familiar masculine chuckle behind her, and her heart jumped in her chest. 

“You know, it’s considered rude to sneak up on people.” She said, not turning around.  She heard the snow crunch under his boots as he moved closer. 

“Wasn’t sneaking.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.  “You would have known that I was there eventually.” She felt tingles go up and down her spine at the sound of his voice—so nice, and low, and slow.  She resisted the urge to whirl around and pitch herself into his arms, to hold him tight and never let him go. 

“I would not.” She said, still refusing to face him, staring at the woods in front of her. “I thought you were on tour, remember?”

“Eh…” She heard his jacket rustle as he moved slightly. “I was in the area, decided to drop in and say hi.” The snow crackled again as he moved closer, and even though she was facing the other way, she could still see his frosty breath in the air as he exhaled closer to her ear.  “Happy Anniversary, Megan.” She couldn’t hold back the tears from falling off her cheeks, and she felt his arms around her. 

“Happy Anniversary, Harry.” She whispered.  He turned her around, and she raised her hands, pressing her gloved palms to his pinkened cheeks and smiling through her tears.  He grinned back at her, his emerald eyes gleaming brightly, and he turned his face slightly, kissing her hand.  Even through the glove, she could feel the spark that happened whenever his lips touched her.  “I missed you.” She whispered.

“I know.” He smiled that cheeky little grin of his that she adored so much.  She laughed quietly, and he kissed her forehead.

“How long are you here this time?” She asked. His face darkened, and he sighed, pulling his beanie off and running his hand through his curly brown hair, then shivered and shoved his beanie back on. 

“Only until tomorrow morning.” Her face fell, and her shoulders slumped. 

“So soon?” She asked softly.  He tried to smile at her and tilted her face up, planting a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Hey…don’t look so sad.” He said encouragingly.  “After Easter, I’ll be home for two months…then it’s just me and you, right? We can do whatever we want—go wherever we want to go.  Just me and you.  We just have to wait two months.”

“I don’t want you to go…” She whimpered.

“I know. I’m so sorry, love.” He bent down and kissed her forehead again.  She stepped on the top of his feet, that being the only way she was tall enough to reach him, and pressed a kiss to his mouth.

“Just for this moment….” She whispered. “Let’s forget that you have to go tomorrow.  Let’s forget that we have to be apart for so long.  Let’s…just forget, just for right now.” She stepped off his feet, and looked up at him again.

“Just for right now.” He repeated, then grinned, taking her hands in his. “All right.” He stepped back, and pulled her with him.  “C’mon.”

“Where are we going?” She asked, as they began walking down the road, snow drifting down from the heavens and sprinkling on their coats. He turned, and gave her that grin again, making her heart thump harder in her chest.

“We’re going to go forget about everything else but us.”

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