soon (bradley simpson)

Theresa's boyfriend joins a band, it works out really well. Too well. The whole distance thing? That doesn't. Can love conquer all? Find out in soon.


1. chapter one

"Brad stop it," I giggle into his ear as his fingertips tickle my sides making me wriggle in his arms.

"Say it then!" even though I wasn't facing him I could see his wink behind his expression which made me laugh even more.

"What do you want me to say exactly?" I wink and turn around, wrapping my hands loosely around my neck. His brown, loose curled fringe was held back by a bandana. It made him look like the cutest twelve year old in history. His appearance never seems to disappoint me every time I lay my green eyes on him. I often ask myself how one boy be so perfect whatever the time of day.

"I love yo-" he pouted. I don't know why he thinks he can win at these games.

"Ha! I win! Now goodbye whilst I order pizza." His arms wrap around my waist, and he leans in for a kiss. My eyes flutter closed but I feel nothing on my lips. My body doesn't ignite and my mind doesn't explode. I can't part my lips for his entrance if he isn't even there.

"No you don't." He whispers menacingly in my ear before throwing me on to the bed.

"Brad!" I whine but he's already halfway down the hall and to the phone. He's so stubborn, cheeky, stupid, annoying, and beautiful at times, but I wouldn't change him for the world.

If you're wondering, my name is Tee and I'm 17 years old. I live in a very small apartment with my boyfriend just outside of Birmingham. We hardly have friends here, well, we would, if we went out the house often that is. I guess since my mum died, three months ago, things have been a little... different. I know I'm not me anymore. I've changed. And I don't like change. But in this stupid, flimsy little apartment with it feels as if nothing has changed. My mothers death fades away each time Brad kisses me, my dark sides are eliminated for a few minutes when he strokes my stomach, or whispers things in my ear. He makes all the bad things in my life go away. He's my only good thing. My oxygen. Sometimes, I wonder, if without him, would I ever be able to breathe? That is one question I don't want to ever have to answer.

(authors note: this is just a short starter if you will! If you don't know who brad is, don't worry. Imagine him as whoever you want brad to be. Also, I imagine Tee as Shailene Woodley if that helps :) chelsie x )

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