Double Trouble<3

Sara and Liza are twins who have always stuck together even when their world seemed to be falling apart. Even though they look alike they have completely different tastes. Being separated for 7 years while their parents went through their divorce was a difficult time that broke Sara down to the point where she now has scars along her left arm. After their father death Sara has to move back with her mother and sister, happy to see her sister again but not as thrilled to learn of her mother's fiance. Will her sister's love stop her from her self harm? Will love be able to show the girls that life isn't always so grey? Read and find out! :)


4. Sunday<3

Sara's POV:

I groaned to the sound of my sister squealing. I sat up in my bed and ran my hands through my hair pushing it away from my face. My sister was in the hall jumping up and down like a fool. I groaned and walked over to her. She was all dolled up in a pretty outfit. I looked down into the living room area to see Kevin with some of his football(soccer) mates. I walked down towards the kitchen but was stopped by one of the boys.
"Sara?" Louis said stopping me in the hall. "Yeah Sara!" 
"What gave it away? My paleness? Or my eyes?" I laughed.
"Neither actually." He laughed. "Liza is always dressed up when I'm over here."
"She doesn't like to look bad." I joked walking into to the kitchen. 
"Are you excited for tomorrow?" He asked leaning against the counter.
"For school?" I laughed. "No way." 
"I bet you'll make a lot of friends." He smiled at me.
"No I doubt that. My sister is the popular one I'm not." I laughed finishing the sandwich I was making. 
He just smiled at me before the curly haired boy came running in almost crashing into me. I took a bite out of my sandwich and widened my eyes. 
"What's wrong Hazza?" Louis asked. 
My sister walked in with Bristle by her side. I jumped onto the counter sitting down and finished eating my sandwich.
"Sarabeth!" Kevin yelled at me behind Bristle.
I almost choked on my sandwich hearing my full name out of the blue like that. Harry patted my back helping me out. 
"What?" I choked out.
"We eat there!" He yelled at me.
"Yeah so?" I groaned jumping down and stumbling forward into Harry. 
"Are you okay?" Harry asked holding me up.
"Yeah I'm fine." I muttered softly before walking up to my bedroom. I plopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling before being jumped on by my sister.
"Ugh...Liza..." I groaned.
"Do you like one of the boys?" Bristle asked shutting my door.
"I just met them yesterday." I laughed sitting up. 
"So?" Liza said crossing her legs.
"I don't like anyone." 
I had a boyfriend back in New York. He was the best thing I thought ever happened to me. I even lost my virginity to him. Then two weeks before my father died he broke up with me. I felt my heart sinking. It hurt to think about him. I fought back the tears that wanted to escape my eyes. 
"Hey ladies we're heading out to the field, wanna join?" Kevin said opening my door.
"Sure babe." Bristle jumped up and kissed him.
"I'll come." Liza smiled then looked at me.
"I'm just gonna stay here." I said laying back down.
"Alright then...." 
They all left my room and the house went totally silent. Then about half an hour later I heard someone knocking on the front door. I groaned and moved my feet down the stairs to the door. I opened it to see Zayn.
"They aren't here...." I mumbled.
"Oh really? Kevin just texted me telling me to come over.... Liza texted me the same..." He looked confused so I knew he wasn't lying.
"Come on in." I smiled and stepped to the side. "They probably didn't want me to be alone." 
"Oh?" He sat down on the couch and looked up at me confused.
"They all went to the field. I didn't want to go." I sat down and sighed. 
It went silent then he turned towards me and looked at my eyes. I looked away and at my hands.
"Wanna watch a movie?" He suggested.
"Sure." I smiled.
"Why not." I giggled.
We put in one of Kevin's scary movies. After fifteen minutes I think he could tell I was scared so he pulled me into his arms embracing me. I laid my head on his shoulder as we sat back and went back to the movie. I heard the door open about an hour later, but felt too lazy to pop my head up to look who it was.
"Sara?" Liza popped her head over the couch to look down at me. I sat up and yawned because I was sleepy again.
"Yes?" I said rubbing the back of my head. 
"I need to get home. I'll talk to you later ladies." Zayn said getting up smiling at me.
"Bye Zayn." Liza smiled at him.
"Bye..." I mumbled. 
After he walked out the door Kevin, Bristle, and Louis walked inside. I glared at Kevin and Liza.
"I didn't need someone to come over to hang out with me!" I yelled.
"But it was nice wasn't it?!" Liza smiled at me.

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